Session Recording

Get a more intuitive sense of what your website visitors are up to. See recordings of how they click, scroll, etc. on your website.

What Can Piwik PRO Session Recording Do for My Business?

Piwik PRO already provides a vast number of metrics that show how visitors are interacting with a website. Session recordings complement those concrete metrics by giving you added context and a more visual benchmark. See your website through your users’ eyes. Discover where they engage with your site and conversely when they decide to leave, stop reading a blog post, stop filling out a form, and whatever other actions you’re interested in seeing.

An Intuitive User Experience Metric

Get a better feel for how visitors use your website. See where they stop for a closer look and where they seem uninterested. Visualize and confirm or nuance what your other web analytics metrics are telling you.

See Usability Issues

Use session recordings to reveal possible usability issues on your website. Easily visualize where visitors stop browsing and leave your website.

Increase Conversions

Visualize bottlenecks in conversion funnels in order to correct them and improve your conversion rates.

Spot Trends in User Activity

Keep an eye on what users are up to on desktop and mobile platforms. Get a feel for trends and react appropriately to maintain the quality of your user experience.

Streamline your user experience with Piwik PRO Session Recordings

Piwik PRO session recording gives you a quick way to visualize the experiences of individual users. Ever wonder what user actions actually look like behind all that analytics data? Now you can see real time recordings (or sped up) of how your users interact with your mobile and desktop sites. Better understand your users’ actions and optimize their experience to improve your conversion rate.

Get closer to the user experience

See what the user sees and get an intuitive feel for how users behave on both desktop and mobile platforms

Boost conversion rates

Better understand your users, optimize the user experience on your website, improve conversion rates

Directly see what works and what doesn’t

Web analytics metrics can tell you a lot, but sometimes it helps to directly see what users are doing on your site.

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