Unsampled Data

Don’t kill your web analytics potential with sampled data. Get the full picture of your website performance using Piwik PRO.

Why should you avoid data sampling?

With sampled data you may be missing out some crucial information. You can’t afford to compromise if you want to make data-driven decisions for your business. Piwik PRO Web Analytics provides you with reports based on 100% of traffic by default.

Every session

Piwik PRO provides analytics data for every session on your website. Get 100% of the data.

No statistical sampling

You’re running a business, not an opinion poll. Piwik PRO eliminates the margin of error by using unsampled data.

We don’t impose limits on you

Piwik PRO web analytics can report on as many or as few actions as you want. You make the decision, not your vendor.

A true on-premises model

Piwik PRO On-Premises ensures 100% data ownership and operates on your infrastructure.

You can’t make data-driven decisions using unreliable and incomplete information

Most web analytics tools automatically start sampling data when you reach a particular limit of actions. Piwik PRO provide you with reports based on 100% of sessions by default. You don’t have to worry about your software recording a representative set of your traffic because your data remains unsampled at all times.

Reports that work

You’re investing a lot of company resources to generate detailed reports. Use Piwik PRO unsampled web analytics data to make sure you’re not missing out some crucial information.

Setup Assistance

Piwik PRO engineers are ready to help you set up your web analytics infrastructure to deal with as much data and traffic as necessary. Just let us know about your needs and we’ll provide consulting assistance.

No margin of error

Complete traffic data means you avoid the problems that come with statistical sampling, which is never 100% accurate. Piwik PRO gives you the capacity to tweak your business at the margins and squeeze out that extra bit of juice from your web analytics.

Ready to take your conversion rate to another level? Contact us and let us introduce you to the possibilities of Piwik PRO!