Moving from Universal Analytics 360 to Piwik PRO has always been easy. Now it’s also free.

Get a free Piwik PRO subscription during migration from Google Analytics 360. Switch to an advanced analytics platform based on familiar concepts to ensure a seamless user experience for all your teams.

Choose Piwik PRO and benefit from:

  • Free migration from Universal Analytics 360 to Piwik PRO till July 1, 2024
  • Easy switch for teams that work with Universal Analytics 360
  • An enterprise-grade platform with familiar UI and access to raw data
  • Full commitment from our support and implementation teams
  • Multiple hosting options to choose from
  • Privacy compliance in just a few clicks

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What makes Piwik PRO a great alternative to Google Analytics 4 360

Raw & unsampled data

Work on complete data even without consent. With Piwik PRO, sampling is optional, and you have multiple ways to access raw data – Looker Studio, BigQuery, API and more.

Easy transition

Switch to a platform made for marketers and analysts. Embrace the familiar interface and data structure. Set everything up using your existing data layer, UTM tags, and an automatic migrator for your GA and GTM configuration.

Fewer limits

Get the analytics data you need to make informed decisions about your business without arduous workarounds, cardinality issues, or thresholding.

High speed & performance

Get almost real-time data (~30 minutes) and seamless analytics performance, even if your traffic goes beyond one billion monthly hits.

Fully-featured analytics suite

Use an advanced, tightly integrated product stack that includes a customer data platform. Easily collect, combine, and activate data.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Break free of vendor lock-in. Easily integrate with the Google ecosystem and any AB testing tool, email marketing platform, CRM, or data warehouse.

Privacy & security compliance

Comply with GDPR, TTDSG and other laws thanks to a built-in consent manager and simple privacy settings. Safeguard your data with an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified vendor.

Mature product, transparent roadmap

Migrate to a stable platform based on industry-standard concepts. Access a transparent product roadmap to know what changes to expect with each new release.

Exceptional customer care, engaged community

Get access to personalized onboarding, training, and ongoing support. Become a part of an engaged Piwik PRO community whose feedback helps us make the most of our platform.

All reports you know from Universal Analytics and more

  • Predefined reports

    Predefined reports
  • Customizable dashboards

    Customizable dashboards
  • Multichannel attribution

    Multichannel attribution
  • Google Ads integration

  • Built-in tag manager

    Built-in tag manager
  • Built-in consent manager

    Built-in consent manager
  • Customer data platform

    Customer data platform
Predefined reports Customizable dashboards Multichannel attribution Built-in tag manager Built-in consent manager Customer data platform

How the offer works

Avoid paying for two enterprise licenses simultaneously – our platform and support are 100% free during migration. You can opt out at any time before June 2024.

Who can participate

The offer applies to proven Google Analytics 360 clients who sign at least a one-year contract with Piwik PRO for a minimum of 25 million and a maximum of 1 billion monthly hits.

When it’s available

The promotion is valid between June 2023 and July 2024. It ends with the GA360 sunset or your successful migration to Piwik PRO, whichever comes first. After that, you’ll start paying for your subscription.

What you get

Our offer includes scoping sessions for migration, 40 hours of hands-on implementation, and helping you move your staging environment to production.

Is Piwik PRO right for you? Consider these factors:

Ecommerce reporting

We offer ecommerce tracking, but introducing more advanced capabilities is our priority for the upcoming months. Reach out to learn about the project’s roadmap.

Live raw data exports

Piwik PRO gives multiple ways to access raw data. However, we currently offer only daily data exports for sites with high traffic volume.

Integration with Google

We give you detailed reports about Google Ads, Search Console, unlimited exports to Looker Studio and more. But our integrations with Google have limitations. Learn more in the FAQ section.

What our clients say

“It became pretty clear at that time that we needed to step away from Google Analytics because of GDPR and the invalidation of the Privacy Shield framework. The general feel of the platform quickly convinced us to use Piwik PRO. After some demo sessions, we got comfortable with the platform. It was similar to what we’ve known from Google Analytics, and as we looked deeper, we discovered everything we were looking for. We knew we could introduce Piwik PRO in all our entities without big issues.”

Kay Beutling
Digital Project Manager at DKMS

“In the first days of the COVID-19 outbreak, we were concerned about the platform’s performance, but we’re really happy that Piwik PRO was on top of things. They quickly scaled up where needed – on a data collection side – but they also ensured that we could analyze those huge amounts of data by keeping the platform running very smoothly. We’re happy the new platform gives us the performance we need to get the valuable data.”

Martijn Warmoeskerken
Senior Communication Research Advisor at the Government of the Netherlands

“We were looking for an analytics vendor with the same high privacy standards as ours, and we found it in Piwik PRO. Using their platform, we don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of compliance. Piwik PRO monitors changes in technology and data protection, and adjusts their platform long before these changes are introduced. From the perspective of an organization that cares deeply about their customers’ data, this is extremely valuable.”

Michał Gonera
Digital Product Owner of eCommerce Analytics and Data Capturing at Crédit Agricole Bank Polska


What makes Piwik PRO a good choice for enterprises?

  • High-touch support – Get help from a dedicated account manager and technical team: personalized onboarding, product implementation, training, and extra professional services for custom add-ons.
  • Product training and success management – We’ll ensure you know how to effectively use our product and get data that brings you closer to your goals.
  • Hosting options – Choose between on-prem hosting (in your cloud subscription), five public cloud locations, and 60+ private cloud locations, including EU-based servers in France and Sweden.
  • Security certificates and external audits – With industry-standard security certificates such as ISO 27001 and SOC II and regular external audits, you can trust that your data is always protected.
  • Access management – You’ll easily create roles and user groups and assign different permission levels to them. Apply SSO standards to simplify the authentication and authorization process.
  • Multiple SLA options – Choose your desired service level agreement to ensure our response time and support match your needs.
  • Compliance with your internal protocols – We’ll provide a secure and reliable solution and help you align it with your security standards.

What are the main differences between Piwik PRO and Adobe Analytics?

Both platforms are designed to meet the needs of enterprise clients. That said, Piwik PRO is different from Adobe Analytics in the following aspects:
  • Has a quicker setup and allows more out-of-the-box data collection.
  • Offers support that includes implementation services.
  • Is more readily integrated with external tools, including Google ecosystem and your favorite third-party platforms.
  • Offers a built-in consent manager.
  • Gives an option to store data on-premises (in your cloud subscription).
  • Has an intuitive and responsive user interface.
  • Makes it easy to configure key data collection settings, such as the use of cookies, without having to leave the interface or write code.
  • Is more competitively priced.
  • Moreover, organizations using Universal Analytics can migrate to Piwik PRO without re-designing their setup, which would be necessary with Adobe Analytics.

    At the same time, Adobe Analytics is built as a more bespoke solution, allowing you to customize your data collection and reporting fully. It also has real-time reporting capabilities, including a real-time API, and offers a data-driven attribution model similar to the one in Google Analytics 4 360.

What are the main differences between Piwik PRO and Matomo?

Piwik PRO has the same privacy focus as Matomo but provides better scalability for enterprise projects, faster reports, and professional technical support. Here’s what makes Piwik PRO a great alternative to Matomo:

  • Its modern backend is built to scale to high volumes of data and traffic spikes. It processes in seconds and can be based on historical data. This can’t be said about Matomo, which relies on a MySQL database that needs hours to process the same data. There's a good chance that your traffic volume will break Matomo.
  • With Piwik PRO, you don’t need to buy plugins or build your extensions. This allows you to go beyond simple statistics and create insightful custom reports using advanced templates such as multichannel attribution.
  • Piwik PRO lets you keep data where you want: on a public cloud in the US, DE, NL, SE, FR, or HK, private cloud in one of 60+ Azure regions and European-owned Orange Cloud and Elastx, or on-premises in your cloud subscription.

  • Learn more about the differences and similarities between the platforms here. To read about Matomo's performance issues, visit this blog post.

What should I know about Piwik PRO’s integration with Google's ad ecosystem?

Piwik PRO offers multiple integrations with Google products, including Ads, Search Console, Sheets, Looker Studio and Tag Manager.

However, some capabilities of our integrations with Google's ad ecosystem are limited. To respect your clients’ privacy, Piwik PRO doesn’t share data with Google. This means we don’t automatically send your conversion data to Google Ads. But if you decide to do it, we allow you to export your conversions manually.

Also, we don’t offer connectors to products such as Search 360, Display & Video 360, and Google Ad Manager. Finally, you won’t be able to create remarketing audiences using Piwik PRO data directly from the Google Ads interface. This use case requires additional steps outside of Google Ads.

What if I finish migration before July 2024?

In this case, you’ll begin paying for your license according to your chosen pricing plan.

I want to compare GA360, GA4 360 and Piwik PRO side by side on production data to test it out. How do I do that?

Contact your Piwik PRO representative. We want you to be comfortable with the switch.

When will I start paying for my Piwik PRO Analytics Suite license?

Your paid Piwik PRO subscription will start:

1) After you successfully migrate your setup but not before you start collecting live data with our platform, or

2) With the sunset of Universal Analytics 360, whichever comes first.

Can I migrate historical data to Piwik PRO?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The migration includes transferring your settings from Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It lets you import Google Analytics properties, settings, goals, custom dimensions, and Google Tag Manager containers, including tags, triggers, and variables.

Will you migrate my complete analytics and tag management setup?

We aim to make the migration as seamless and comprehensive as possible. Everything that can be migrated using Piwik PRO's native features will be transferred. Although we can recreate most of your GTM/GA setup, please remember that Piwik PRO is a distinct platform with its own features and mechanisms. This may result in some differences in the configuration post-migration.

Is there any certification or training program for Piwik PRO users besides those run by customer care?

We encourage you to participate in Piwik PRO Academy, run by Anil Barta, the CEO at our partner company, Optizent. It’s a free certification program that will help you understand the basics of Piwik PRO Analytics and Tag Manager.

Reach out to learn more about the benefits and details of our special offer