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How a research organization used Piwik PRO to support growth and achieve GDPR compliance

The Austrian Social Science Data Archive (AUSSDA) is a core social science research infrastructure in Austria, offering research data and archiving services. It is located at the Universities of Vienna, Graz, and Linz and is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.

They are striving to become the leading research infrastructure for the social sciences in Austria, offering high quality, sustainable, and easy-to-use solutions for archiving digital data, along with world-wide access to it.

We chose to work with Piwik PRO, so we do not have to worry about maintaining our website tracking software, but also do not compromise on functionality. Therefore, we appreciate the service that Piwik PRO offers and it helps us focus our resources on other important topics.

Dr. Lars Kaczmirek, Head of AUSSDA

Holding out for an analytics hero

AUSSDA wanted to verify how their website was used to make sure their online services offer the best possible value to the public. Their marketing and communication team needed a platform to track web traffic, learn about effectiveness of their marketing channels, and to analyze the performance of the website’s newest content.

They didn’t have the time or IT resources to maintain their own analytics instance, and they were looking for a way to get solid analytics data without the technical overhead. Any potential technology partner had to be able to provide security for collected data and be compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

AUSSDA on the rise

AUSSDA appreciated the full service Piwik PRO offered. They could finally analyze their website in a secure manner and use these insights to improve their website’s content. They were happy to see how well their news announcements were attracting traffic. They are a fairly young institution, so it was important for them to be able to understand how well the development of their service was progressing.

For us as a relatively new institution, it is important to increase our visibility within the community. With Piwik PRO, we monitor the effectiveness of our marketing channels, so we can optimize our communication strategy and verify that we are using our energy for the right approach.

Dr. Lars Kaczmirek

Piwik PRO met AUSSDA’s expectations regarding GDPR compliance and data security. Insights that AUSSDA gathered with the help of Piwik PRO not only helped in improving the content that they serve to the science community, but also support the whole initiative. ‘Presenting the data gathered with Piwik PRO is a good way to show our development, so we use it to demonstrate our progress to our funders on a regular basis.’, says Dr. Kaczmirek.

The Austrian Social Science Data Archive

Government, Science


The Challenge

AUSSDA needed a reliable analytics platform to learn if efforts to increase visibility in the community were paying off – without abundant IT resources and analytics expertise.

What they did

Implemented GDPR-compliant Piwik PRO Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of their content and marketing efforts to show stakeholders the progress of their organization.

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