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BOŚ optimizes its business, product and marketing strategies with insights gathered through Piwik PRO

Bank Ochrony Środowiska (BOŚ) is one of Poland’s 20 largest banks, with an award-winning product offering recognized by independent financial sector experts. BOŚ focuses on supporting both individual and institutional clients with capital for activities that contribute to environmental protection.

BOŚ’s vision revolves around financing environmental protection and developing green solutions, building shareholder value, and supporting businesses in their social responsibility efforts.

For retail clients, BOŚ develops innovative banking products with additional eco-friendly benefits to reinforce their personal finances. Corporate clients can take advantage of preferential credit for environmental protection projects, supporting their business growth.


Looking for a privacy-compliant platform to explore the full potential of analytics

For a time, BOŚ didn’t pay much attention to analytics. They set up Google Analytics, but only used it selectively to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Finding GA difficult to set up and navigate, they never fully implemented it throughout the organization.

As an organization that prioritizes social responsibility, BOŚ takes the security of users’ data seriously and applies all possible measures to protect their privacy. Hence, the bank’s reluctance towards using Google Analytics increased with the growing legal concerns around EU-US data transfers. The biggest push for finding a different analytics vendor were the decisions of numerous EU data protection authorities (DPAs) that deemed using GA unlawful under GDPR.

BOŚ also wanted to use analytics to support their business decisions. They were aware of the vast potential of analytics in the banking sector and knew there was more for them to achieve. Their ideal platform had to be flexible and enable them to tackle a broad range of business and marketing use cases.

With the new analytics platform, we wanted to move away from a poorly configured and managed analytics platform that restricted our ability to access valuable data. We aimed to be able to handle large volumes of traffic, analyze many metrics and track goals efficiently.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

After defining their goals, BOŚ conducted extensive research and reviewed analytics options available on the market. As BOŚ prioritized compliance with applicable regulations governing privacy and the use of cookies, Piwik PRO emerged as their best choice.

Setting up the platform to adhere to regulatory demands and ensure a quick transition

BOŚ had certain expectations and requirements concerning their analytics setup, cookie management and privacy compliance that the Piwik PRO team addressed during preliminary meetings. The bank wanted a smooth migration of their setup from Google Analytics and to minimize the time spent transitioning between platforms. They wanted the Piwik PRO platform configured to meet their business needs in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Piwik PRO’s team was responsive and consistently available to guide us through onboarding. We communicated our requirements and they responded to them at every step. As a result, the implementation was straightforward and fully satisfied us. Thanks to Piwik PRO’s support, we successfully configured a tool that fulfills all our needs and gives us instant access to whatever information we seek. This reassured us that Piwik PRO was the right choice and that the cooperation would benefit us.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

Since the start of their cooperation, the Piwik PRO support team has been very helpful to BOŚ team members and promptly responded to questions sent by email or chat. With less complex issues, BOŚ can easily find solutions on the Piwik PRO blog or help center.

Strong privacy and security measures were key criteria that drove BOŚ to implement Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. However, as they started digging deeper into the platform’s features, they quickly uncovered additional advantages over other analytics solutions. First, they appreciated the tightly integrated and complementary modules of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. The platform’s intuitive interface made exploring and navigating it much easier than with Google Analytics and opened the door to many customizations that enabled deeper data analysis.

Piwik PRO shares many features with Google Analytics. The more we use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, the more we feel it contains better and improved features compared to what’s available in GA.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

From the beginning, the team at BOŚ was set on learning and trying different practical uses of analytics and ways it could guide their business decisions. They took advantage of the Piwik PRO Academy, which offers training resources on the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

Understanding user behavior with custom reports, dashboards and integrations

Piwik PRO gives BOŚ access to complete datasets, so the bank knows they are using accurate user information in their decision-making processes.

In their analysis, BOŚ pays attention to traffic sources, the number of visitors, their interest in specific pages and products, and engagement with marketing campaigns. They focus on bounce rate to analyze the performance of product pages and see how well their offers respond to prospects’ needs.

Teams at BOŚ use dashboards and custom reports to ensure easy access to the most important data, which also speeds up their work. With custom reports, they build funnels or user flows to visualize the user behavior that interests them. For example, they measure user flow from the homepage to their offer pages to see which products receive the most interest.

BOŚ also heavily relies on Piwik PRO’s native integration with Tag Manager. They set up tags for pages with concrete business goals to measure how well these goals are being met and adjust them if needed to maintain a consistent tag setup.

Getting in-depth insight into form submissions

BOŚ monitors the number of conversions to learn how many users navigate to given forms or applications and then fill them out. They can quickly identify issues and react – for example, fix errors that users encounter when filling out or submitting a form.

We set up tracking between two domains – the main website and user forms. With the ability to track the full customer journey, Piwik PRO proved indispensable for helping users smoothly navigate between different pages, go to the desired forms and successfully fill them out.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

One of the primary features they use in Piwik PRO is analyzing in detail which form fields are getting filled out and what information is being input. This helps them measure user experience and take steps to increase form submission rate. Data that users share through forms lets BOŚ create and maintain user records and reach out in personalized ways to those who showed interest in their products.

Tracking the whole customer journey to analyze site and content performance and uncover trends

The team at BOŚ focuses on tracking the whole customer journey to drive more conversions and sales and make its marketing efforts more effective.

Thanks to Piwik PRO, BOŚ can be closer to its clients and regularly monitor the performance of different remote channels and processes. This capability is essential in the context of continuously improving the site, pinpointing issues with the UX and places where users drop off their journey.

Effectively adjusting product strategy to retail and corporate clients

BOŚ adjusts its analytics strategy to the type of client they are trying to reach. One of their target audiences are retail clients interested in bonds. BOŚ aims to offer bonds with competitive returns. With this segment in mind, the teams at BOŚ want to learn how well their website responds to clients’ needs and whether the company is meeting its business goals.

BOŚ has also been focusing on reaching corporate clients:

Piwik PRO has been beneficial for us in navigating corporate banking, which is relational and provides less data. We’ve been using the data gathered with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to shift our focus to the corporate segment. We successfully added more corporate services and extended our offer to corporations.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

BOŚ uses the data collected and analyzed through the Piwik PRO platform to identify how they should adjust their offering and what information site visitors most want to find about the bank.

Increasing productivity and providing valuable marketing insights

BOŚ product teams are not the only ones gaining practical knowledge from Piwik PRO’s platform and improving their results. Currently, Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is also used to draw marketing insights.

The BOŚ marketing team uses data to optimize campaigns by learning which channels and content are most effective, what audience to target and when to launch their campaigns. Additionally, the BOŚ team of ecologists can keep track of content-related trends, such as the topics that interest visitors and conversions.

Along the way, BOŚ has boosted their teams’ productivity, saving many hours of work. One way they achieve that is through weekly scheduled reports that summarize how the team performed in key metrics, particularly in terms of conversions and engagement with product pages.

Our product and marketing teams don’t have time for deep data analysis every day. Scheduled reports let them access the most important data regularly, stay on top of their results and take action if needed.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

More insights for more teams in the future

Piwik PRO offers BOŚ solutions to meet their full range of needs, and their setup empowers them to perform effective analyses. But they don’t stop there. BOŚ is constantly exploring the possibilities offered by Piwik PRO to get even more out of the platform. Aware of Piwik PRO’s potential, they aim to spread the use of Piwik PRO to other departments within the organization.

Implementing Piwik PRO meant a complete shift in our approach to managing analytics. With Piwik PRO, we entered a new era of getting true value with analytics insights. Piwik PRO showed us the potential of using analytics in banking.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

BOŚ has also added new applications and forms for users to fill out, tracking their performance. This is all a part of the bank’s efforts to increase the number of remote processes and monitor the responses they receive.

Thanks to Piwik PRO, our team considers web analytics to be one of the decisive components of our strategy. I would especially recommend Piwik PRO to large organizations that rely on reaching their current and future customers through online channels, whether through marketing activities, direct sales, or other ways. We can confidently say that Piwik PRO offers a powerful tool that gives us the most effective ways to manage data, distribute it throughout the organization and make sure all valuable insights are being applied.

Maja Kosobucka
User Experience Specialist at BOŚ

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