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ICTRecht finds a privacy-focused analytics partner and valuable marketing insights in Piwik PRO

ICTRecht, a seasoned legal service provider specializing in digital information privacy and security, assists businesses in navigating legal complexities. With almost two decades of expertise, they’ve become a go-to source for legal guidance in the Netherlands and Belgium. Their services extend to training and education in privacy and IT law, ensuring clients stay compliant in the digital landscape.


Replacing Google Analytics with a marketer- and privacy-friendly analytics platform

ICTRecht’s marketing team’s role is to promote privacy and security compliance and attract new clients needing professional legal advice. They have been leveraging analytics, marketing automation, content creation, online campaigns, public relations, and other marketing activities to support this goal.

Initially, ICTRecht’s analytics platform of choice was Google Analytics. However, with the growing legal concerns around EU-US data transfers and the use of Google’s platform, they decided to switch to a platform better equipped to handle the data of an organization that lives and breathes privacy.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the legality of Google Analytics in Europe due to data transfers from the EU to the US. We didn’t want to wait for developments, nor did we want to stay in the gray area of legality. So we started looking around for alternatives. A partner organization had recently switched to Piwik PRO and put us in touch.

Emke de Vries
Online Marketer at ICTRecht

On top of privacy, Piwik PRO offered all the essential features of Google Analytics and a good overview of incoming traffic and user behavior. ICTRecht also valued the ability to store analytics data on EU servers. This, alongside the integrated Consent Manager, helped ensure their data collection practices fully complied with EU law.

We really appreciated the fact that you can customize your tracking according to your privacy preferences and, for example, choose not to track certain personal data or exclude certain user identifiers. In addition, the principles of privacy by design are followed, there is a built-in consent manager and Piwik PRO does not use customer data for its own purposes. So the privacy of your website users is guaranteed.

Emke de Vries
Online Marketer at ICTRecht

The implementation

ICTRecht collaborated with Piwik PRO’s implementation specialists and a local web development agency to ensure a seamless transition. The process involved migrating the setup from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as creating custom integrations for tools such as HubSpot to give the company deeper insights into their prospective clients.

The support during the migration was invaluable to us. It’s a big step to move from your current analytics setup while ensuring you don’t lose any data during migration. But thanks to the help of the Piwik PRO team, everything went very smoothly.

Emke de Vries
Online Marketer at ICTRecht

For a company that prioritizes user privacy, implementing an analytics platform would be incomplete without configuring Consent Manager and ensuring that no tags or data are used without visitors’ explicit consent.

Piwik PRO’s helped us ensure GDPR compliance of our marketing setup. Their guidance and assistance in removing insecure third-party integrations was crucial. With their help, we confidently navigated the complexities, ensuring every aspect met privacy standards.

Emke de Vries
Online Marketer at ICTRecht

Uncovering marketing insights with Piwik PRO dashboards

Piwik PRO dashboards became ICTRecht’s go-to feature for visualizing their campaign and website performance.

ICTRecht’s team turns to funnel and user flow reports to gain better insights into traffic sources and user behavior on the website. The team also tracks the completion of specific goals to examine if their content encourages people to share their contact details or download brochures from their site.

I really like the intuitive dashboard creation feature; it’s something I didn’t find in Google Analytics. With Piwik PRO, it’s easy to create different graphs and customize my own dashboards. The funnel report that allows us to analyze traffic from page to page is also incredibly user-friendly. Switching to Piwik PRO was a decision I’m really happy about.

Emke de Vries
Online Marketer at ICTRecht

Additionally, the ICTRecht team uses Piwik PRO to improve their website’s search engine visibility. They discover what topics, blog posts and landing pages are popular and bring a lot of traffic, and which ones aren’t as effective and should be revised. This shows them what adjustments they should make to their website to better respond to users’ expectations and provides the means to boost their search engine rankings.

Website redesign powered by analytics

ICTRecht is constantly striving to optimize its audience’s experience with their site. Through Piwik PRO’s insights, they identified specific pain points in user journeys. Armed with this knowledge, the company plans to revamp certain aspects of their website next year. These improvements, grounded in data, will focus on providing a smoother user experience and bringing more conversions.

Data is crucial for us to make informed decisions and convince others of the changes that need to be made. By analyzing the data from our website, we can identify areas for improvement and make sure our marketing efforts are effective.

Emke de Vries
Online Marketer at ICTRecht

Integration with all essential tools in ICTRecht’s marketing stack

ICTRecht takes advantage of multiple product integrations provided by Piwik PRO. Analytics and Tag Manager have become the central hub for managing different marketing platforms and connecting data from various sources.

Integrating Piwik PRO with HubSpot was essential for ICTRecht. While Piwik PRO gives them a broad view of their website’s performance, HubSpot provides detailed insights into website visitors. Through Tag Manager, they efficiently operate HotJar and other marketing tools. The simplicity and intuitiveness of Tag Manager allows them to easily manage their website’s tags and snippets.

The team also measures their campaign and SEO performance, with data from Google Ads and Search Console conveniently integrated into the Piwik PRO Analytics user interface.

A data privacy-driven partnership: ICTRecht and Piwik PRO

Establishing a partnership on top of the existing cooperation was a natural progression for ICTRecht and Piwik PRO. Both companies share a commitment to data privacy and security, laying the foundation for a strong partnership.

ICTRecht and Piwik PRO plan to continue spreading privacy compliance awareness together and advocating for a safer online world.

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