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How Sana Commerce used Piwik PRO to create a powerful ecommerce analytics that helps their customers in web store optimization

Sana Commerce provides a B2B ecommerce platform that enables manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to thrive by building lasting relations with their customers. They achieve this by enabling customers’ SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and ecommerce to work as one. This approach helps the company enhance customer experience with personalization and transparency. Sana Commerce also focuses on eliminating errors in various processes and continually adapting to their customer’s business needs and expectations.

In search for a flexible analytics platform and raw data

Sana Commerce was looking for a way to help their clients gain more information about customers and how they use their webstores. The company sought an easy-to-implement tool that would become an integral part of its ecommerce platform. They wanted to have a dashboard that shows which features customers use the most, which are their least favorite, how they navigate the website, what is working and what isn’t. That’s why Sana Commerce searched for an analytics tool that can gather that data.

The most popular choice, Google Analytics, wasn’t suitable for Sana Commerce. Their aim was to easily roll out tracking for their customers and access raw analytics data. But that wasn’t an option with this platform, so they decided to look for alternatives.

Initially, they picked Matomo and implemented it across some of their customers’ stores. While Matomo offered great basic tracking, Sana Commerce was looking for more in-depth reporting, as this data could really improve their product development. They also ran up against Matomo’s technical limitations. It didn’t scale easily, as it relies on a single MySQL database in the default setup. This can result in performance issues, e.g. slower report and segment creation when significant data volumes.

Because of these limitations, the company decided to look for another solution. Soon after, they discovered Piwik PRO.

Important insights about customers’ behavior inspired Sana to create ecommerce analytics tool

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite proved to be a perfect fit for Sana Commerce’s requirements. First, it ensured access to unsampled and non-aggregated data. Second, it provided advanced data collection methods and a flexible back end that allowed for reusing raw data to merge it with other data sources. Also, it improved on Matomo’s lack of scalability, offered more than its basic tracking options and facilitated significantly shorter implementation times. The implementation allowed Sana Commerce to gather important data about their customers and how they interact with their environment.

Next to using Piwik PRO Analytics Suite for Sana Commerce Insights, it has also enabled us to discover in great detail how our customers are using our platform. This has already helped us to optimize our user interface by discovering popular features to highlight.

Jan van Werkhoven
Head of Information Management at Sana Commerce

Piwik PRO’s expertise in website tracking and easy-to-use analytics framework gave Sana Commerce the confidence that they chose the right business partner. Sana Commerce decided to use the knowledge gained while testing functionalities of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to build their own ecommerce analytics tool, entering into a partnership with Piwik PRO. After a successful pilot project, Sana Commerce Insights was created.

To make this new analytics tool scalable and simple for their clients to deploy, Sana Commerce needed tracking built directly into its product. They supported this in the latest version of Sana Commerce Cloud, released in 2021.

Using data to help companies better understand and serve their customers

Sana Commerce Insights relies on an interactive dashboard that brings online website behavior data with ecommerce activities together. Powered with raw data from Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, it gives customers more flexibility to make advanced evaluations, enables them to shape the data the way they want it to and allows them to address their business use cases.

Sana Commerce Insights

Customers can monitor key metrics such as customer adoption, revenue, or customer acquisition cost within the context of customer lifetime value. They can also understand how particular channels influence acquisition rates. Combining behavioral and transactional data in a holistic view lets Sana Commerce clients analyze the full customer journey, improve their omnichannel experience and optimize their online shops.

What’s more, Sana’s customer success team uses gathered data to assist its customers along all stages of their journey. They are engaged in the day-to-day businesses of their customers by sharing key findings and advising them on how to manage challenges.

To expand the product’s capabilities and provide additional value to Sana’a customers, the company offers Piwik PRO Analytics Suite add-ons in Sana Commerce Insights. For instance, the Piwik PRO Data Export add-on allows Sana Commerce customers to access raw data so they can create their own insights or integrate it into their business applications.

A successful partnership gave Sana Commerce a competitive advantage on the market

Sana Commerce Insights has been a huge success. Over 80 customers have already signed up for it. It is also a part of more than 30% new deals. Sana Commerce Insights aids B2B sellers through data analytics to improve customer experience and optimize their web stores.

Our partnership with Piwik PRO has enabled us to accelerate the growth of Sana Commerce Insights by allowing us to focus on building the best analytics solution for our customers without having to worry about our data infrastructure.

Michiel Schipperus
CEO at Sana Commerce

A fruitful partnership with Piwik PRO supported Sana Commerce to convince its customers to start using Sana Commerce Insights, the Piwik PRO add-ons, and Sana Commerce Cloud as well. Sana Commerce is now focused on improving the product with the insights gathered about their customers and their behavior. Finally, the collected data empowers marketing teams to plan new initiatives and enhance existing ones.

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