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iGaming leader Inplay Matrix increased key button conversions with data from Piwik PRO

Inplay Matrix is the largest iGaming and bookmaker product distributor in Asia. They have a portfolio of over 700 clients, providing each with regular advice and support. The company offers their merchants end-to-end products including Slots, IM Esports, Lottery, Sportsbook and RNG Products.

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Inplay Matrix aims at deeper analyses and a privacy-by-design setup

For the last couple of years, the company used Google Analytics Universal. It gave them a basic overview of visitor behavior on their website. Although the software armed them with data, it was light on user-level data and privacy features.

The Inplay Matrix team needed a platform that is crafted for the web and product analytics.

Their goal was clear – to find a new analytics platform that:

  • Ensures flexibility and reliable, user-level data
  • Gives 100% control over data and data residency in Asia
  • Easily fits into the demanding industry of regulated sports entertainment

The recommendation that set the baseline for the new analytics project

The search for a new analytics platform was bumpy. After a series of meetings with a promising local vendor, it turned out they couldn’t fulfill all the requirements.

At some point, Inplay Matrix got an analytics software recommendation. They decided to set out on a trial period with Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. After a short time, they settled on two modules: Analytics and Tag Manager.

What’s more, it turned out that Piwik PRO integrates well with their data visualization tool – Kibana. It gave Piwik PRO a solid advantage over other market options.

Piwik PRO was suggested to us by another company. They told us that it’s a stable solution and it’s possible to track detailed user paths. We used Google Analytics free in the past and we couldn’t track detailed data on the user-level, just on the domain-level.

Lucky Ng, Product Analyst at Inplay Matrix

Inplay Matrix gets an analytics platform that helps them strengthen their market position

After 2 months of implementation, onboarding and product training, the team was ready to make Piwik PRO Analytics Suite their home base for analytics data. With Piwik PRO platform, the Asia‘s iGaming leader:

  • Gets user-level data
  • Filters out bot traffic and other sources of fraud to increase traffic quality
  • Increases micro- and macro conversions across their website and gaming platforms
  • Optimizes website usability and user experience

We measure button performance quite a lot. With the old solution, we had just overall data, like button “A” had 200,000 clicks, but we didn’t have any more details. Piwik PRO tracks user-level data and we see what our merchants do on our website. And the user flow reports – this gives us details. It’s the most important feature for our team.

Lucky Ng, Product Analyst at Inplay Matrix

Unsampled data from Piwik PRO platform gives the iGaming leader insights impossible to get with another tool.

Inplay Matrix extensively uses goal tracking, creates custom reports and sets tags in Piwik PRO Tag Manager to track button performance.

But one of the most useful features is the user flow report – it allows the company to step into their merchants’ shoes and see how they browse the website. Another big advantage of the user flow report is that it helps reveal suspicious activity. Inplay Matrix uses this information to automatically detect whenever a fraudulent bot interacts with their website.

Lastly, Piwik PRO’s privacy-by-design approach gives Inplay Matrix confidence that they are responsibly and compliantly handling user data. It’s especially important for them – the privacy regulations in the regulated sports entertainment industry are demanding.

If we didn’t have Piwik PRO, we could only guess at the effect of enhancement we make. As we do many enhancements, we need to be sure we are making the right decisions. And overall, we’re happy with Piwik PRO – in case of questions, we know we can reach out to support.

Lucky Ng, Product Analyst at Inplay Matrix

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