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ŠKODA AUTO uses Piwik PRO Analytics to better inform their employees and improve engagement

ŠKODA AUTO is a Czech automobile manufacturer that sells cars in over 100 countries. In 2018, total global sales reached 1.25 million units. Recently, the company introduced a new ŠKODA corporate “Strategy 2025”. The strategy focuses on releasing five electric models across different segments by 2030.

ŠKODA AUTO aims at better informing their employees

Up to 2016, ŠKODA AUTO developed various SAP Fiori Applications for HR-related tasks. The company wanted to better inform employees about payrolls, sick leave policy and other workplace-related topics through different custom-built SAP Fiori Applications.

There was a challenge, though. Although employees could access all the documents in the apps, owners of the applications didn’t have data telling them exactly how staff interacted with those documents. Additionally, the app owners had no idea if it was easy to find all the information.

As ŠKODA AUTO was also planning to modernize their intranet (ŠKODA Space), the need for analytics became more urgent. ŠKODA AUTO wanted to use the dedicated intranet to better inform their employees about company news. They also wanted to run campaigns to engage their employees.

To become more employee-friendly, they wanted to learn if the information, news and documents they publish were actually useful. That’s why the company decided to invest in analytics. They wanted an analytics platform that:

  • Provides key metrics and clear charts about application usage
  • Allows the ŠKODA AUTO team to monitor SAP Fiori Applications and ŠKODA Space’s performance
  • Guarantees that personal data is handled in line with company’s policy and no personal data is sent to a cloud

First of all, we needed an analytics provider that allows us to securely store select data in a cloud. Due to company policies we’re not allowed to store certain sensitive data in a public cloud. And secondly, as SAP Fiori Applications owner, I needed solid numbers to see which apps are used the most, measure if the response rate is good and when peak times occur for our visitors.

Petr Křivský, SAP Technology Application Engineer at ŠKODA AUTO

Looking for an analytics platform that helps ensure security and can be used in alignment with privacy policies

Because data security was an important factor for ŠKODA AUTO, the company couldn’t turn to popular market players such as, for instance, Google Analytics. Early in 2016 ŠKODA AUTO reached out to Piwik PRO to discuss the possibility of implementing analytics according to ŠKODA AUTO’s internal rules.

It turned out that Piwik PRO Analytics Suite fits into ŠKODA AUTO’s intranet architecture and meets their needs, both related to data security and implementation guidelines. They started out small, tracking only a few custom-built SAP Fiori Applications. Later on, they extended the tracking to their intranet – ŠKODA Space.

Now, a lot of departments benefit from using Piwik PRO. For example, my colleague, a developer in the Digitalization and System Support department, tracks ŠKODA Space, and the data is useful for business use cases.I own SAP Fiori Applications, and data from analytics help improve processes in our HR and IT departments.

Petr Křivský, SAP Technology Application Engineer at ŠKODA AUTO

Thanks to data from Piwik PRO, ŠKODA AUTO gets key details about campaign reach and HR documents usage

The ŠKODA AUTO team takes advantage of Piwik PRO Analytics essential reports. For instance, developers from the Digitalization and System Support department use predefined reports that give them details about how employees interact with the intranet. They use them to discover what employees search for and what sections of the internal network they visit.

I’m an IT specialist at ŠKODA AUTO and the device type report is important for me. I check if our employees visit the intranet from desktops, tablets or perhaps even smartphones. This data helps us prepare apps for all device users and focus on priorities. Also, I like the look of the reports – they are easy to read.

Anna Valisova, ŠKODA Space IT specialist at ŠKODA AUTO

As ŠKODA AUTO wants every employee to be well-informed, they try to improve the usability of ŠKODA Space. To keep their employees up to date, the company runs information campaigns.

With data from Piwik PRO Analytics, the company measures campaign reach and compares the results of old campaigns against new ones. Consequently, all the information published on ŠKODA Space is more relevant to the company’s staff, which translates into a higher intranet adoption rate.

As for custom-built SAP Fiori Applications, they check if the information is accessible and beneficial for ŠKODA AUTO employees. Data collected using Piwik PRO enables the company to make sure that all employees have easy access to payroll information, sick leave documents, holiday schedules and many other essential documents.

For me the biggest advantage of Piwik PRO is monitoring visits, checking performance issues and making sure the system works well during payroll time – the peak time for our visitors. And with your platform we’re sure our data is secure. In general, I think we’re very satisfied with the cooperation. Piwik PRO is a great product.

Petr Křivský, SAP Technology Application Engineer at ŠKODA AUTO

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