User-Centric Reporting

Build and analyze user profiles, integrate the data into your systems and access session-level and user-level data.

Why Do I Need User-Centric Reporting?

The User-Centric Reporting feature gives you an in-depth understanding of individual user customer journeys. You can segment and compare Visitor Profiles to know exactly who your customers are.

Customer Journey

Examine the complete journey taken by your customers. Track them from the first visit to the the point where they convert.

Summary of Single User’s Behaviour

Get a clear overview of your visitor behaviors, interactions, time spent on website and goals.

E-commerce Log

Learn what products your e-commerce customers browsed and what pages they visited before conversion.

Profile Segmentation

Compare subsets of your user profiles by applying segmented view and discover your most valuable segments of visitors.

This Is How You Can Benefit With User-Centric Reporting

Analyze the individual profiles of your visitors and the entire journey they take on your website. Get data on individual users’ behaviors, engagement and the environment surrounding visits. Tie your buyer personas to real website users. Examine profiles from desired segments and learn how your perfect customer interacts with your website. Compare profiles of buying customers with those who abandon their cart and leave the conversion funnel.

E-commerce Log

In just one report you get a summary of all relevant information about a particular user. Obtain data about first and last visit, all previous visits, location, device and aggregated summary of user behavior. See everything they’ve seen, including products they browsed and pages they visited.

Profile Segmentation

Users can easily be segmented based on points along the customer journey. Compare different segments to capture the behavior of defined audiences and identify the groups which are most likely to convert into your customers.

Customer Journey

This gives you the capacity to track individual users’ journeys around your website: from the first visit to the moment of conversion. See how particular customers move through your website, what goals they complete, and access the details of each and every visit.

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