Data-Sensitive Industries Choose Piwik PRO to Track the Customer Journey Across Desktop, Mobile and Secure Member Areas

Piwik PRO provides features for high-security environments and for compliance with international privacy laws, including GDPR and HIPAA, with both cloud and on-premises hosting

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100% Data ownership

With Piwik PRO you are the sole owner of your data. None of it is ever sent to other servers or third parties whether you choose the On-Premises or Cloud solution. Your data is secure and you will never lose control over it.

Full privacy compliance

Piwik PRO makes it simple to comply with strict data privacy rules all over the world. From privacy laws in the United States to all European laws and directives, including: GDPR, HIPAA, Chinese Internet Law, Russian law 526-FZ and many more.

On-premises and Cloud solution

Store your data in a location of your choice. Piwik PRO Marketing Suite can be deployed on your own infrastructure, in a private cloud, at a third-party data center or on our secure servers located in US and EU (Germany).

Single customer view

Integrate first-party data from sources from within and outside Piwik PRO to create single customer profiles and advanced audiences. Export audiences for use on external ad and marketing platforms. Run custom content such as pop-ups and banners for on-site campaigns tailored to each audience.

Activate your data

Activate your data through on-site retargeting & content personalization. Use your audiences to display personalized content on your website and run personalized on-site up- and cross-sell campaigns while staying compliant with strict privacy laws (including GDPR).

No data sampling

Benefit from data-sampling free web analytics and gain flexible access to raw data to create reports based on every piece of information relevant to your organization. Map your data, segment and break down your customer behavior based on only accurate information.

Tracking the full customer journey

Build a holistic view of the customer journey, understand how your product is used and maintain customer engagement across different devices. Track across web and mobile with cross-device attribution as well as in secure member areas.

Hassle-free deployment

Avoid the stress normally associated with system migration. Benefit from Simple Setup and Update procedures and a project coordinator assigned to make sure the installation and configuration is as painless as possible.

Piwik PRO: trusted by leading businesses and governments

Piwik PRO has been recognized for its approach to data privacy by financial and governmental institutions in the European Union and United States. Our clients include demanding organizations such as the European Parliament and Accenture.

Piwik PRO: a leader in privacy

Piwik PRO is dedicated to securing and protecting your data throughout its life cycle – from collection and analysis to activation and usage. Our approach to privacy has been recognized by both private and governmental organizations including the European Commission and Accenture. Piwik PRO remains in full compliance with strict EU, US, Chinese, and Russian data protection laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We’ll help you manage the technical details of compliance so you can worry about more pressing issues.

When it comes to GDPR here’s how Piwik PRO helps your organization to become fully compliant by providing:

Opt Out and Do Not Track compliance

Piwik PRO ensures you always respect your users’ right to restrict data processing recognizing the Do Not Track browser settings. Piwik PRO also allows you to generate a website form allowing your users to opt out of being tracked anytime they want. You can extend the form with spaces for other Subject Access Requests concerning data access, rectification, and erasure.

Piwik PRO Consent Manager

With Piwik PRO Consent Manager your visitors will be able to easily exercise their data subject rights because as every consent, opt-out, and other request performed by them will be presented in a clear form and stored in one place. With Consent Manager you’ll see the status of requests so you can react within the specified time and demonstrate them to the authorities.

Enabling the right to restrict processing

Piwik PRO Tag Manager enables you to define which information about your users you want to pass to your marketing tools and which you want to ignore. This feature is especially helpful in the case of visitors who allow the processing of only some kinds of personal data.

Ensuring full data portability

Piwik PRO enables this data subject’s right by storing your users’ data in a way that ensures full portability. This allows your visitors to easily obtain, move, and transmit all the relevant information collected by your marketing tools. With Piwik PRO you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently respond to every data subject request and provide your users requested information.

What you get with Piwik PRO?


Discover what kind of digital journey you offer. Learn about user behavior on web and mobile, before and after secure logins. You’ll own all your data and have access to raw, unsampled information. See the results of campaigns with detailed, user-level metrics. Customize your dashboard to display the metrics that are most important to your business.

Tag Manager

Deploy and manage marketing tags across all your digital properties to increase marketing agility and decrease IT costs. Piwik PRO Tag Manager is easy to use and doesn’t require technical expertise or IT involvement. Take advantage of flexible tag templates to activate data with select third parties and send user behavior data to Web Analytics.


Personalize the customer experience with custom content and targeted on-site campaigns. Display tailored banners and pop-ups for audience segments created in CDP. Show the right content to the right person to improve engagement. Don’t just guess what works, measure the results of personalization campaigns with concrete analytics metrics and reports.

Customer Data Platform

Collect and merge data from online and offline sources: Analytics, web forms, plus imports of external data. Build new audiences and Single Customer Views for Personalization and ad retargeting. No database knowledge is required. A friendly GUI lets you drag and drop variables to form audiences. See data coverage, data reach and audience size as you go.

Intranet Analytics

Help your employees get more out of your intranet and find out which employees contribute more content. Promote and emulate good content and modify or delete the rest. Figure out what information your employees need but can’t find. Piwik PRO is compatible with SharePoint (2010 and newer) and Atlassian Confluence (>v5.6).

GDPR Consent Manager

Collect user consents for specific data processing purposes. Handle consent changes and GDPR-related requests from one place. Create custom consent dialogs and link data processing purposes to categories of data collection. Piwik PRO will adjust tags and data collection in the background based on a visitor’s current consent status.

Piwik PRO vs. The Competition

Learn how Piwik PRO stacks up when compared with leading analytics and digital marketing tools and what makes it the perfect tool to fit your company’s needs:

Piwik PRO Analytics vs. Other Solutions

  • Available on-premises and in secure cloud.
  • Compliant with international privacy laws and regulations (including GDPR).
  • No limits on data collection and no data sampling.
  • Single customer profile by integrating granular user data from desktop, mobile and other custom data sources.
  • Can be deployed in the most secure environments (e.g. transactional areas, secure member areas, checkouts etc., where Google Analytics can’t be deployed).
  • Raw data access, reporting and streaming API of various information.
  • Advanced customization options including funnels and custom dashboards.

Piwik PRO Tag Manager vs. Other Solutions

  • Enforcing privacy compliance (GDPR) on different tags by applying opt-out and do not track options at the individual tag level.
  • Can be deployed both on-premises and cloud to meet the requirements of the most secure environments (where other tools like GTM can’t be deployed).
  • Mobile and web debug mode, trigger preview mode, simulate opt-out mode available.
  • No limits on tags, custom variables and users.
  • Extensive library of tag templates for Piwik (Matomo) events, custom variables, dimensions and other advanced tags.

Free Comparison of 4 Enterprise-Ready Customer Data Platforms

  • Compliant with international privacy legislation, including GDPR.
  • Providing full ownership of your data, available both on-premises and in secure cloud.
  • Raw data access and streaming API of various information.
  • User-level, engagement analytics, link click tracking and JavaScript tracking available.
  • Providing custom segmentation, customizable dashboards and exportable reports.
  • Collect and process data with close to real-time speed.
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 versions.

Why choose Piwik PRO over the community version?

Find out how Piwik PRO differs from Matomo (formerly Piwik) when it comes to hosting options, customer support, user training and advanced analytics features such as funnel analytics, conversion attribution and many others:

Piwik PRO vs. Matomo