Nested table report

Nested tables are created when you select more than one dimension in a custom report. The report will display the dimension you selected first. When you click on this dimension the next selected sub-dimension will be displayed. You can continue drilling down on dimensions until you get to the last sub-dimension. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 10.0 allows for up to seven nested dimensions.

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4 Steps to Take Full Advantage of SharePoint Reporting with Piwik PRO

By Karolina Matuszewska in Analytics

Microsoft’s SharePoint, a collaboration platform, has become a primary tool for companies around the globe. Famed for fostering communication and productivity while creating a smoothly functioning digital ecosystem. However, this grand machine lacks a crucial cog - complete analytics feedback that would show you whether your intranet was fulfilling its purpose. That is the right […]

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What is Third-Party Data and How Does it Fit into Today’s Marketing Landscape?

By Peter Curac-Dahl in Data Management, Data Privacy & Security

The more data the better, right? User data is the information that helps you make decisions about your online marketing ventures, but not all data is equal. Data comes from different parties: first party is the stuff you collect yourself with analytics, CRM, and other tools. Second party is someone else’s first party data that’s […]

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