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Moser Holding increased customer loyalty through in-depth analysis and personalization

The first edition of the Tyrolean daily newspaper was printed in 1945. It built the foundation for Moser Holding AG, which has since developed into Austria’s third-largest publishing house. Today, the media company employs 1,400 people throughout Austria.

For 75 years, the Tiroler Tageszeitung has been providing readers with international, regional and local news in print editions. In 1996, it was one of the first daily newspapers in Austria to go online.

At the beginning of 2021, Moser Holding expanded the offering of the Tiroler Tageszeitung and launched its first paid content with plus. Selected articles were moved behind a paywall and the online offer was significantly expanded.

Moser holding

Inaccurate numbers blocked the path to the future

Before Piwik PRO, the media company collected data using multiple pieces of software. These included Google Analytics and

The AdTech and analytics department distributed weekly reports to teams such as online marketing, controlling, editorial and management. In the process, Moser Holding faced two major challenges:

  • Google Analytics sampled the data and made it difficult to reproduce the results. The company worked with daily reports and drew insights from them. As soon as they wanted to view a particular day again, the numbers from the initial measurement no longer matched the current dataset.
  • In addition, comparing the collected data was difficult. Each department used different analytics software. The data from each tool was correct on its own. But the reports were difficult to compare with each other because they gave different numbers.

When I looked at the data last Tuesday, I got X number of views on the homepage. Then, when I looked at the same Tuesday on another day, there was always a difference of approximately 2-3%. So reproducing data was very difficult. Now with Piwik PRO we have raw data analysis. No matter when I query the data, I get the same numbers that I worked with before

Michael Holzinger
AdTech and Analytics Expert at Moser Holding AG

The teams involved needed to sort out this issue. The analytics department had to clarify the discrepancies and, if possible, resolve them. This resulted in a loss of productivity and time for all teams.

As a forward-looking company, Moser Holding AG wanted an efficient, sustainable solution and was looking for software that:

  1. Provides raw data for in-depth analysis so departments can compare their results.
  2. Can be used by different departments at the same time without losing performance.
  3. Collects, structures and unifies data for content personalization from online and offline sources, allowing to strengthen customer loyalty in the long run.
  4. Meets high standards for data protection.

The implementation of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

After a thorough review, Moser Holding opted for the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. The publishing house took a different path than the Austrian media industry, which uses Google Analytics 360. External experts voiced various opinions on changing to Piwik PRO, though. In the end, the raw data analysis, data protection compliance and an integrated customer data platform (CDP) sealed the deal. In addition, the media company received personalized onboarding that facilitated the switch to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite meets our requirements for data protection. The investment was green lit because we got a comprehensive platform. The added value of Piwik PRO is that we get accurate data and insights without sacrificing data protection. Compared to before, we have made a significant improvement.

Michael Holzinger
AdTech and Analytics Expert at Moser Holding AG

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite in use

Moser Holding collects data with the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite from’s secure membership area. Doing so, it respects the rights and freedoms of readers who register for the service. At the same time, the media company receives valuable raw data for analysis.

Thanks to the integrated CDP, the company recognizes and groups its readers and maps the complete customer journey on the Tiroler Tageszeitung’s website.

All departments can now compare and evaluate the collected raw data. The data from Piwik PRO saves the data analyst’s time and increases productivity.

Raw data export via the Piwik PRO API favors in-depth analysis done with internal marketing tools. These programs further visualize the data and offer it to business stakeholders for insight.

Piwik PRO informs the whole company

The AdTech and analytics department prepares 99% of the reports. It then distributes the reports to the various stakeholders, for example:

  • The sales and controlling departments work with sales funnels set up in the Analytics module. Piwik PRO collects data, among other things, about the price category and type of articles, thanks to custom dimensions. This allows the teams to have an overview of the digital communication.
  • Every online editor receives a 7-day report by email. This helps them track the performance of their articles and select the right topics for the readers.
  • A dashboard in the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite gives editors information about the daily performance of the live blog and various topics.
  • Print editors also track the performance of online articles on monitors in the newsroom. Moser Holding built its own dashboard for this purpose, which provides raw data from Piwik PRO via the API.
  • More data with custom dimensions from Piwik PRO

    The Tiroler Tageszeitung offers many article formats and a rich variety of topics. The display of a simple URL would not suffice for Moser Holding and its objectives. So, standard dimensions don’t fit.

    Moser Holding wants to accurately track the articles’ media information. To achieve this, they need data that precisely reflects their business model.

    moser holding

    The media company uses custom dimensions from the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to better organize and analyze the data. They provide accurate information to the AdTech and analytics department. These help answer in-depth questions that the individual departments might have.

    Moser Holding finds first audiences with Piwik PRO

    Moser Holding’s strategy is highly future-oriented. They want to increase their customer loyalty and offer readers personalized content, but at the same time act in a privacy-friendly way. The solution is Piwik PRO’s CDP. The company is still in the early stages of using this module, but is already seeing the first positive results.

    We’re able to better classify and group users with Piwik PRO’s CDP. We can answer accurately asked questions and perform complex analysis, develop our strategy and thus ensure our business success. With Google Analytics, we didn’t even have the possibility to cover such a wide range of scenarios.

    Michael Holzinger
    AdTech and Analytics Expert at Moser Holding AG

    Behavior-based customer segmentation

    Moser Holding recognized early on that every reader shows different preferences in topics and article types. In addition, everyone is in a different phase of the customer journey.

    The CDP of the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite helps Moser Holding to create accurate visitor profiles. It uses previously created custom dimensions as attributes and thus provides valuable information for further processing.

    Moser Holding stores the tracked conversions from Analytics in the profiles created in the CDP. This enables the publishing house to identify which customers use its products and which don’t. This data is then exported to AdTech programs. As a result, only those customers who have not yet made a conversion are targeted with ads.

    moser holding

    Moser Holding conducted the first tests of this data rotation using a morning newsletter. The company recorded a 15% conversion rate for new subscriptions. This result convinced Moser Holding to conduct further tests and analyses to map the complete customer journey.

    I have been in the web analytics scene for a very long time, about 13 years, and have also used a few tools. Until now, none in this price segment have been able to deliver such an extensive depth of data. Piwik PRO is a platform that we can build on to optimally map our digital business model. The analytics suite even allows us to make data-based decisions at multiple levels, from the editor, through controlling, to management. We have replaced the data silos we had at the time and now only use one database. Even our management recognizes that the productivity of individual departments has increased.

    Michael Holzinger
    AdTech and Analytics Expert at Moser Holding AG

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