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Nettium’s client optimized the full user journey, driving conversions up by 28%

Nettium creates comprehensive IT solutions for ecommerce, device-based fraud management, gamification, analytics and more. They provide their clients with innovative web and mobile products and services. The company’s ultimate goal is to deliver projects with the best time-to-value ratio possible.

Nettium was looking for an analytics platform to track the full user journey

Nettium initially used Google Analytics to collect data for internal use. Tracking complete user journeys was just one of the requirements. The new analytics platform had to provide tight data security and 100% data control. Unfortunately, Google Analytics couldn’t satisfy these demands, and Nettium started looking for a new analytics provider.

Along the way, it turned out that there was a need for a solid analytics stack among their clients too. For example, one client wanted product analytics to measure gaming application performance. The company wanted to collect data about user behavior so they could improve the full user journey. The customer experience team wanted to explore in depth how their gaming apps’ users reach different sports information and which online games they enjoy the most.

We wanted to understand why users come to our website, what makes them stay, what makes them leave, how they interact with certain features on our website before making a purchase. Also, we wanted to identify the level of engagement when they log into our products. Initially, we started out with Google Analytics, but we were getting a lot of traffic from China and this platform didn’t work for us. Also, Google Analytics sampled data, so we started to look for other analytics platforms

Hillary Pham, Head of Customer Experience

Nettium decided to try Matomo, an open source web analytics platform, but during the trial they ran into several limitations.

Nettium wanted to find an analytics platform that fully matched their needs. They wanted to do a thorough proof of concept (PoC) with their next analytics vendor. Luckily, Piwik PRO offers this kind of PoC, so companies can test and see if the product matches the full production environment while maintaining strict confidentiality of collected information.

We got a free trial with Matomo and we actually tried it but faced limitations. So our partner told us that if we want advanced and high performing analytics, we should go with Piwik PRO. So we decided to do a proof of concept with Piwik PRO.

Hillary Pham, Head of Customer Experience

A successful PoC sealed the deal with Piwik PRO

The Piwik PRO proof of concept showed that the analytics implementation would meet Nettium’s requirements. Once Nettium looked at the PoC results, they decided to go for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite with the Analytics and Tag Manager modules.

Nettium turned to Piwik PRO to:

  • Track gaming websites and applications to better understand the full user journey and all the interactions app users have with those products
  • Improve user engagement in entertainment apps and provide an easy-to-navigate UI
  • Analyze what holds users back from making a purchase

The customer experience team uses analytics to analyze in-app behavior

Piwik PRO Analytics and Tag Manager provide Nettium a lot of flexibility – from custom reports and dashboards to easy-to-set-up tags for tracking custom events. Regular updates to Piwik PRO ensure a smooth workflow and offer a steady supply of new integrations.

We look daily at the engagement levels but for optimization it takes more of an in-depth analysis. We do deeper analyses once a month or once every quarter, depending on our needs and scope of data.

For example, we’d like to see more conversions from loyal app users, so first we provide them with more information on certain pages. We also give them more features, and based on the data we personalize the entertainment products. We look at the trends over months and see if the proposed changes actually worked for our customers.

Hillary Pham, Head of Customer Experience

In addition, channel reports are important for the customer experience team. They check where their members are coming from and try to set quarterly goals to improve each channel’s performance.

The company combines aggregated data with user-level data to see the overall journey of their customers. This allows them to improve different touchpoints in their apps such as those where users hesitate about making a purchase.

The team also takes advantage of Piwik PRO integrations with platforms such as Microsoft BI and Tableau. Thanks to those integrations, the company can better visualize data and make informed decisions.

Big datasets let them run A/B tests. With these tests they verify which version of their gaming application is more attractive for their users. Based on the test results, they improved user engagement inside their apps and increased conversions by 28%.

The big advantage of Piwik PRO is that the customer shows us how they interact with our platforms. As we don’t have many occasions to contact our clients face to face, seeing their interactions through data meets our needs. With data from Piwik PRO we have feedback that lets us understand whether this implementation is good or we need to focus our development efforts on something else.

Also, even the user management feature and different permission levels are great. It makes our marketing team’s life easier. And the support from your side always helps.

Hillary Pham, Head of Customer Experience

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