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Piwik PRO has the same privacy focus as Matomo, but also adds scalability, faster reports, professional technical support, and more

How Piwik PRO outperforms Matomo

Scalable data collection and reports

Piwik PRO’s modern backend is built to scale to high volumes of data and traffic spikes. No more inaccurate data or waiting hours for reports. Piwik PRO reports are processed in seconds and can be based on historical data.

Advanced analytics for demanding projects

Get all the features you need from the start. No need to buy plugins or build your own extensions. Go beyond simple reports and create insightful custom reports using advanced templates such as multi-channel attribution.

More hosting options

Store data where you want: on a public cloud in the US, DE, NL, SE, FR or HK, private cloud in one of 60+ Azure regions and European-owned Orange Cloud (including Bring Your Own Key encryption) and Elastx.

The complete customer journey

Get more tracking and privacy options to analyze user behavior on websites, apps, SPAs and even secure post-login areas. Decide if and how to collect user-level data. Make sure proper consent is in place for each data purpose.

Unsampled, raw data with powerful integrations

Work with a full set of data about your visitors. Use that analytics data in more contexts thanks to raw data access, an API and integrations with BI tools such as Looker Studio and Power BI.

High-touch customer care

Get help from a dedicated account manager and technical team: personalized onboarding, product implementation, training and extra professional services for custom add-ons.

Matomo Piwik PRO

Get up and running fast after the switch

Easy implementation

Implement our platform with a single tracking tag. Then, configure your data collection using a tag manager set up in a similar way as Matomo or Google Tag Manager (use your existing tags and data layer).

Migration support

Count on our help with mapping your business goals to reports and dashboards, as well as migrating your analytics setup.

Familiar environment

No need to learn from scratch. Use an analytics platform built to quickly perform common analytics tasks and with a similar UI to industry standards such as Google Analytics.

Google Ads and Search Console integration

Access reports from Google Ads and Google Search Console without sharing your data with the Google ecosystem.

User-friendly custom reports and dashboards

Create custom reports and dashboards out of any possible set of dimensions and metrics with a modern drag-and-drop editor.

Connect with external tools

Quickly connect to external tools: Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, and more. For any tools without a dedicated integration, use our API or raw data exports.

Get more analytics capabilities than with Matomo On-Premise or Cloud

Piwik PRO offers the key functionalities of a modern analytics platform out of the box. No need to buy plugins one by one or create custom integrations yourself.

Piwik PRO Core Piwik PRO Enterprise Matomo On-Premise Matomo Cloud
Calculated metrics
Custom reports paid plugin
100 report limit
Custom attribution models & reports
User flow reports paid plugin
Access to raw data
Integration with Looker studio
Integrations with Power BI
(only a manual integration)

(only manual integration)
Integration with Google Search Console paid plugin
Integration with Google Ads
Integrated consent manager
Integrated tag manager
Integrated customer data platform
Dedicated account manager and support team
paid support plans available

support plans available for an added fee
Read detailed comparisons between Piwik PRO and Google Analytics (free and 360), Matomo and Adobe.

What our customers say about us

“The main reason we switched to Piwik PRO was having everything managed by someone, not having to take care of the open source thing ourselves. The second most important thing, apart from the technical support, was having the peace of mind that we’re in good hands. We could contact the Piwik PRO team whenever there was something we weren’t sure of and we always got quick responses”.

Ingo Haupt
CEO of Three Palms Media

“Piwik PRO is a good choice for governmental organizations. We have the confidence that the data we collect is really secure, with privacy controls properly set. The interface is straightforward, our analysts can quickly get all the data they need, and the API enables them to use the raw data to further deepen the analysis. The platform really allows us to grow into a more data-driven organization”.

Martijn Warmoeskerken
Senior Communication Research Advisor Public Information and Communications Service of the Government of the Netherlands

“SimpleSite was getting around 200,000 sessions and events per day. With this amount of traffic, Google Analytics was sampling our datasets – that was a problematic issue. Piwik PRO support was very helpful during the implementation. They quickly and precisely answered all SimpleSite’s team questions”.

Joey Maagaard King
Digital Analytics Specialist at SimpleSite

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How long does it take to switch from Matomo to Piwik PRO?

Tag and data layer compatibility, high-touch support and dedicated training make the transition as easy for you as possible. We can also migrate much of your Matomo data and setup into Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. In most cases, the whole process takes around 4 weeks.

How will I know how to set everything up in Piwik PRO to track my website?

In the Enterprise plan, our technical team will make sure that your Piwik PRO instance is up and running, and ready to collect data about your visitors. In case of any questions, you can also contact your dedicated account manager and review detailed help center articles. The Piwik PRO Core plan users can take advantage of the detailed help center documentation or our community forum.

What are the monthly hit limits of Matomo and Piwik PRO?

Piwik PRO Core has 500k monthly hit limit. Self-hosted plans for both Matomo and Piwik PRO are limited only by your infrastructure. Matomo and Piwik PRO cloud plans are priced in part by the number of actions, so you can decide how many actions you need for either.

What are the differences between the pricing tiers of Matomo and Piwik PRO?

Matomo offers a free self-hosted platform, although it doesn't include many basic features such as custom reports. There are paid plugins for those features. There are also paid Cloud and Enterprise versions. The price depends on what features are included as well as the number of monthly actions. Piwik PRO offers a free Core plan and a paid Enterprise. To read more about Piwik PRO pricing and request a quote, visit our pricing page.

How does Piwik PRO track website statistics without collecting personal data?

Piwik PRO offers three methods for gathering non-personal data:
  1. Anonymous tracking with cookies and session data – collects session statistics without using any user identifiers. This method can be used as an alternative to opt-in tracking, when a visitor ignores or declines your consent request.
  2. Anonymous tracking without cookies, but with session data – collects session statistics using a fingerprint derivative without identifying users. This method can be also used as an alternative to opt-in tracking, when a visitor ignores or declines your consent request.
  3. Anonymous tracking without cookies or session data – collects event statistics without using any visitor or session identifiers.
All three methods are optional and serve as a great alternative to standard opt-in only tracking. For more information, read this article.

How does Piwik PRO allow you to connect the data from marketing pages, applications and post-login areas to recreate the full customer journey?

Piwik PRO gives you total control over your data as well as the instruments necessary to ensure its privacy and security. As a result, you’re able to safely collect unique user identifiers (e.g. email addresses) and sensitive data from post-login areas of your websites and apps (e.g. e-healthcare platforms or transactional pages). This allows you to recognize visitors across sessions and touchpoints to recreate their full journey. Read more about it here.