Lead magnet

Lead magnet is eveything we use to bribe people in our target market to leave us their e-mail adresses and become our Leads. The most common goal of a Lead Magnet is to capture website visitors’ contact information and gain permission to market to them directly. In exchange for their valuable contact information, you as a business, need to offer something that your prospects deem of high enough value to trade their contact information for it.

The more information you hope to capture, the higher value your Lead Magnet needs to provide. Lead Magnet’s get their name from their nature of attracting leads into the sales and Marketing funnel. Lead Magnets can come in many different shapes and sizes. Again, the more valuable your Lead Magnet is to our ideal customer. Below is the te list of most often uses llead magnets:

  • Ebooks
  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Templates or Digital Toolkits
  • Email Series or “Mini-Courses”
  • Industry Guides
  • Buyers Guides
  • Case Studies
  • Free access to Educational Materials
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Product Demo