Third-Party Cookie

Third-party Cookies do not come from the actively visited website itself, but are generated by third parties advertising on the website. The data collected by advertisers is not personally identifiable per se, but may provide information about user demographic, browser version, device, etc. and may be linked to personal information through click path tracking.

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First-Party vs Third-Party Cookies: Why First-Party Is the Way to Go

Google Chrome Will Wipe out Third-Party Cookies. What’s Next?

By Karolina Matuszewska in Analytics, Data Privacy & Security

At the beginning of 2020, Google caused quite a stir with its initiative to stop supporting third-party cookies. Justin Schuh, director of Chrome engineering, explains that move should make it possible to “sustain a healthy, ad-supported web.” Third-party cookies are a powerhouse of digital advertising as they let marketers track site visitors across cyberspace. The […]

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User Management in Piwik PRO

By Karolina Matuszewska, Szymon Grzesiak in Use cases

Whether it’s your website, your analytics tool, or your marketing platform, they all hold valuable information - your data. And that data demands special treatment, namely security. But protecting data is about more than just secure storage and safeguarded servers. It also means managing access, making decisions about who can see or edit certain reports […]

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