App Tracking Transparency (ATT)

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) is a framework introduced by Apple that requires apps to display a prompt where users need to opt in to enable tracking across apps and websites. Apple enabled this feature in iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, tvOS 14.5, and later versions.

The change affects Apple’s identifiers for advertisers (IDFA). These are unique identifiers assigned to a user’s device, which advertisers employ for customized advertising.

Any app that collects data about end users and shares it with other companies to track across apps and sites must use ATT. The framework presents an app-tracking authorization request to the user and provides the tracking authorization status.

If users see a request to track their activity, they can tap Allow or Ask App Not to Track. They can still use the app fully even if they don’t allow the app to track their activity. If the user taps Ask App Not to Track, the app developer can’t access the IDFA. The app is also not permitted to track user activity using other information that identifies them or their device, like an email address.

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