React Native analytics

React Native analytics is a piece of software that lets you collect data about a mobile app that was built using React Native. Such analytics software enables you to understand how users interact with your app. It makes it possible to, for instance:

  • measure app installations and downloads
  • discover user exit points
  • gather data on the amount of time spent in an app

Collecting that information is essential for your product, marketing and sales teams. They can apply it to improve user acquisition, engagement, retention or in-app purchases. Also, developers can use it to get inspiration for creating new features.

But what exactly is React Native? It’s an open-source JavaScript framework created by Facebook. It’s one of the most popular development frameworks for creating cross-platform applications for Android and iOS.

Using React Native for creating apps you have one code that works on many platforms, including iOS and Android. Such a solution offers several benefits.

First, it speeds the development of an application and cuts the time to market. Since developers create a single codebase they don’t need to use multiple technologies. That makes the process cost-effective as it requires less resources.

Finally, because developers need only one codebase, it’s easier to maintain both the app and code.

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