Marketing Qualified Lead

A marketing qualified Lead is more than just contact details. It includes further information on the person or the company they represent, information that qualifies them for becoming a customer. For the lead to become marketing qualified lead the following must happen:

  • lead should provide us with a company name in one of our forms
  • lead have to provide us with a phone number where the sales team can contact him
  • lead have to provide us with a project description so the sales team can have some information to start further qualification

In Clearcode and Piwik PRO we usualy have 3 main sources of marketing qualified leads:

  • OTO (one time offer) forms in our marketing funnels
  • Contact form on our main webstie (CC or
  • OTO (one time offer) send via e-mail in our Lead nurturing campaigns
  • lead capture forms on our stand alone Landing pages – individual landing pages for each service and product we provide

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