Compare Piwik PRO Marketing Suite
with Matomo (formerly Piwik)


On Premises

Conversion Attribution
AdWords Integration
A/B Test Tracker
Funnel Analytics
Campaign Reporting
Click Path
User Groups
Password Policy
Comparison Dashboard
Concurrent Visits
App Store Analytics
Advanced Segmentation
User-Centric Reporting
Unsampled Data
No Data Limits
E-commerce Analytics
Goal Tracking
Event Tracking
Content Tracking
Real Time Analytics
Customizable Dashboard
Mobile Apps Analytics
Custom Dimensions
Custom Variables
Virtual Page Views
Raw Data Access API + SQL API only or order SQL dump API + SQL
Custom Reporting with Looker
Custom Reporting with Tableau
Tag Manager
Piwik PRO Integrations
Tag Manager API
A/B Testing Tags
Privacy Features
Test & Debug Mode
Tag Manager Variables
Triggers & Conditions Library
Custom Tags
Marketing Tag Templates
Data Segmentation
Personalized Popups
Personalized Lead Capture Forms
Personalized Banners & Ad Placements
Piwik PRO API Integration
Customer Data Platform
DSPs Data Activation
Ad Platforms Data Activation
Lookalike Targeting
Single Customer View (SCV)
AppNexus Integration
theTradeDesk Integration
adform Integration
Facebook Ads Integration
Adwords Integration
Piwik Pro Web Analytics Integration
Data Security & Privacy
GDPR Consent Manager
Consent Dialogs for New and Returning Visitors
Automatic tag and data collection sync with consent status
Custom Consent Dialogs
Consent Management Widget
Data Subject Request Widget
Data Subject Request Admin Panel
Consent and Request History
Granular GDPR Compliance Settings
Preset and Custom Tag Categories
Exempt Functional Tags from Consent
Intranet Analytics
SharePoint Analytics
Confluence Analytics
Privacy & security
GDPR Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
Data Ownership
Privacy Compliance
Data backups and redundancy
Hosting Type self-managed fully-managed cloud fully-managed or self-managed on-premises
Single- and Multi-server setup self-managed fully-managed cloud
Software updates self-managed
Server maintenance self-managed
24/7 monitoring and incident handling
Servers in USA self-managed fully-managed or self-managed on-premises
Servers in European Union self-managed fully-managed or self-managed on-premises
ISO 27001 Certified data centers self-managed fully-managed or self-managed on-premises
Customer Success & Training
Online documentation
Video tutorials
User onboarding session
Implementation support
Email support
Live Chat
Phone support
Professional training
Dedicated Account Manager
Available Add-Ons
Data migration from Piwik
User training
Custom deployment
Additional instance for testing
Onsite onboarding

Data Ownership

When using on-premises Piwik PRO, you remain in control at all times. Your data is stored in your own MySQL database, and logs or report data will never be sent to other servers. You can enjoy the added flexibility and greater control over your data with the set-up and configuration help by the PRO Team and premium functionalities.

Choose Self-Hosted Piwik PRO for Enterprises

Choose Self-Hosted Piwik PRO for Enterprises

If your organization already uses Piwik/Matomo platform and is ready to take its analytics and marketing to another level, don’t hesitate to contact.

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