Ecommerce reporting

Ecommerce reporting presents various insights collected about your ecommerce business to help you gain an overall understanding of your online store, including products, orders, and customers. Additionally, it allows you to identify any potential weaknesses and growth opportunities. An overview report renders a large volume of data, usually from multiple sources, into a meaningful, understandable, and actionable summary.

There are many different types of ecommerce reports, such as:

  • Carts report helps you understand why people are not buying items they had in their shopping carts and shows what the website might be missing out on.
  • Conversion report tracks a variety of different types of conversions. You can discover which product pages, product recommendations, emails, or other content convert the best. This conversion data can help you optimize your website, sales, and marketing strategies.
  • Customer report helps you understand how well your store retains customers. You can use this data to answer business questions related to customers, such as how to generate more revenue or reduce new customer acquisition costs.
  • Funnel report helps you analyze how many visitors progress to become email subscribers and how many complete a purchase. You can create a main funnel for your entire website or different funnels for different email opt-ins, products, and campaigns.
  • Marketing report creates a report for every marketing channel and campaign, which helps you analyze all recent marketing activities. You can make smarter decisions about your ecommerce marketing, spending, and creative approach.
  • Order report helps to understand your store’s average order value better. You can use this report together with a sales report to determine if your strategy is working.
  • Product reporthelps you understand which products are the most popular and what types of customers buy which products. Usually, you can generate one report for each product, but you can also create one larger report to showcase buying trends.
  • Sales report focuses on total sales to understand how customers shop on your site.