Email analytics

Email analytics is a method of digital analytics that involves tracking and analyzing data from email marketing campaigns to see how they are performing. One way to gather useful data is by using UTM tags in newsletter links. These tags, added to the end of URLs, give detailed info about where clicks in the email came from.

A standard UTM-tagged URL comprises the following five parameters:

  • Source (utm_source): Shows where the clicks came from, like a newsletter.
  • Medium (utm_medium): Tells the type of medium used, often email.
  • Campaign (utm_campaign): Names the specific campaign or promotion.
  • Term (utm_term): Identifies keywords, but can also split different newsletter topics.
  • Content (utm_content): Helps compare similar content, useful for testing CTAs or other elements.

Using UTM tagging helps marketers understand how users engage with newsletters. This info lets them tweak content, improve CTAs, and boost overall user engagement. In addition, it helps compare newsletter performance with other marketing channels, making resource allocation more effective.

Email analytics gives marketers the power to make smart decisions based on data. This leads to better campaigns, more targeted messaging, and, ultimately, higher conversions and revenue.

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