Exit page

Exit page refers to the last page a Visitor views before they leave your website during a session. You can use the information on your exit pages to analyze where people tend to leave your website and whether they drop off on pages made for that purpose.

Let’s take a customer journey that consists of the following sequence of pages:

Homepage -> Product page -> Checkout page -> Thank-you page

Users should leave naturally after arriving at the thank-you page. On the other hand, if people leave your site from the checkout page, you may need to optimize the checkout process. Or, if they visit your product page and exit there, you might want to improve your CTA and copy, or add an Exit intent pop-up.

By improving your pages, you can optimize your marketing funnels, capture more leads and improve conversions.

  • Exit pages are connected to the Exit rate – a metric calculated by the percentage of all visits that ended on a specific page.
  • Learn how exit pages and the associated exit rate differ from Bounce rate.
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