Sales Opportunity

Sales opportunity is another step in lead qualification process. Once the Lead becomes Marketing Qualified Lead it is being passed to the sales team. At this point sales team begins its own lead qualification process. Usualy this requires direct contact with our lead and acquiring as much information about the customer as possible.

Basing on the gathered information our sales team decides if this particular lead represents opportunity of becoming ou customer or not. If no than the lead is being declined and left for further Lead nurturing untill he will become once again sales ready. If yest, than the sales team marks this lead as sales ready.

Typical qualifying questions relate to the BANT approach:

  • Budget: do they have enough money to buy our services?
  • Authority: can they make a purchase decision?
  • Need: do they have a need that the product or service in question can fulfil?
  • Timescale: do they have a specific time when they wish to proceed with the project?

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