Data freshness

The freshness of your data in analytics describes how long it takes to collect, process and deliver data to your reports. If that process takes 20 minutes, then data freshness equals 20 minutes.

Different types of reports have different requirements for data freshness. If you are, for example, measuring ad performance on your website or app, daily updates might be sufficient.

Fresh data will help you better monitor your site’s performance and identify trends, patterns, and interesting changes much closer to when they happen, so you can make faster decisions. The freshness of your data is an important aspect of data quality.

For example, with a platform like Google Analytics 4, you wait up to 8 hours for your reports. And, you can expect sampling, which can hurt your reports.

In Piwik PRO you can count on data freshness every 30 minutes. There is no sampling. In other words, even if your website records hundreds of millions of actions per month, you still have smooth access to complete and quality analytics data sets.