Data activation

Data activation is the concept of unlocking customer insights to inform business decisions and marketing activities and provide better customer experiences. Data activation comes after data collection, warehousing, and management. It shifts the focus from simply understanding data to taking action on it.

Through activations, companies can target their desired audiences more effectively and personalize the experience for users at different stages of the funnel. Data activation gives all teams within an organization the ability to tie their efforts to business outcomes.

You can activate data with a customer data platform (CDP) by sending it to various tools, such as:

  • Ad platforms like Google and Facebook Ads
  • Email marketing platforms
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools like Microsoft BI or Tableau
  • Personalization software
  • Customer support platforms, such as chatbot or live chat
  • CRMs

Examples of data activations include:

  • Send a push notification to re-engage customers who haven’t interacted with your business recently.
  • Send a time-limited promo code to apply to a user’s subscription so they have more time to try your product for less money.
  • Show ads with product recommendations based on customers’ latest purchases.
  • Retarget visitors who didn’t complete a given funnel.
  • Send an email to a user with items from their abandoned cart.

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