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Julian Jeliński, CRO Copywriting Expert

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Join Us for a Live Webinar: Web Analytics vs. GDPR

Date November 8, 2017 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, GDPR, News & Releases, Web Analytics

We’re happy to invite you to take part in our free live webinar titled “Web Analytics vs. GDPR. Will New Privacy Regulations Impact Digital Marketers?” The webinar will take place on December 4 and 5. Join us to learn how to prepare your company for the changes GDPR will bring, and to find out how […]

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[Infographic] GDPR Data Subject Rights – What You Need to Know

Date August 23, 2017 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th 2018 and introduces a list of data subjects’ rights to protect internet users. From this blog post you’ll learn how data controllers can ensure these rights and avoid severe fines. Download our informative infographic and it will all clear. First of all it’s […]

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[Infographic] How to Collect and Process Data Under GDPR?

Date August 21, 2017 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation will soon be in effect and will cover all EU citizens and residents and all organizations collecting data from them. And, as well you know, the GDPR will directly affect web analytics and digital marketing—it changes the way we understand certain processes and even certain terms. That’s why we prepared […]

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SharePoint Analytics Vendors Comparison: Which Solution Is Right for You?

Date July 25, 2017 Author Category Intranet Analytics

Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the leading tools to administrate your company’s intranet. It has a number of useful applications – from managing content, sharing files, data and resources, to using the solution to quickly find information and coordinate work across the whole organization. SharePoint is used to fuel productivity, improve the effectiveness of teamwork, […]

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A Quick Course in Tag Manager’s Usefulness

Date April 19, 2017 Author Category Product Best Practices, Tag Manager, Use cases

When you hear some of the compliments tag managers get, you’d expect them to blush – if they could. “The democratizer of digital marketing”, “the most important tool in a marketer’s arsenal”, with it “web analytics become simpler and more efficient”, and the list goes on. You might think a tag manager solution is the […]

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Piwik PRO Adds New Feature: Media Player Tracking

Date March 27, 2017 Author Category News & Releases, Web Analytics

Learn more about your visitors interactions with videos on your websites with Piwik PRO’s new Premium Feature: Media Player Tracking. Find out if your video content is engaging your users, and how effective your multimedia efforts are. Media Player Tracking allows you to track videos played on your website and supports all HTML5 based content. […]

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Piwik PRO Keeps Expanding, Raises $2 Million

Date March 21, 2017 Author Category News & Releases

We have some exciting and electrifying news! On Monday, March 20, 2017, we raised $2 million in a Series A Funding Round. Warsaw Equity Group (WEG), a Polish-based venture capital and private equity investment company, led the round which also included a private investment from Tim Schumacher, co-founder and former CEO of “There is […]

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How Your Web Analytics Can Team Up With a Tag Manager for Better Insights

Date February 15, 2017 Author Category Tag Manager, Use cases, Web Analytics

Digital marketing has come a long way. It became more and more complex and demands that marketers be able to coordinate and manage a vast number of tools to get the most precise and insightful data. This often means that the marketing team can lose control of part of their work, as they need the […]

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Ultimate Guide to Piwik PRO Event Tracking

Date January 5, 2017 Author Category Product Best Practices, Use cases

Data analytics has so many layers, from pageviews and bounce rates to time spent on page. But aggregated data doesn’t capture the full picture of your visitors’ activity. Whether you’re running just a medium-size ecommerce site or a multinational enterprise, you want to learn how your guests behave on your websites. Are they reading your […]

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