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How to Choose the Right Web Analytics for a Governmental Organization

Author Category Government, Web Analytics

It’s a cliche to say that technology is reshaping every facet of our reality. No matter if you are a hi tech company or a government, your organization is shaped and powered by technology. The choice of it may be, however, difficult for governmental organizations, which on the one hand breathe rigid procedures and, on […]

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6 Features to Look For in Analytics Software for Government and Public Sector

Author Category Government, Use cases, Web Analytics

We recently got hold of Technology Usage Report on Traffic Analysis Tools by W3 Techs, as we wanted to have a look at the list of the most prominent websites using Piwik. Quite a number of domains on the list indicated affiliation with governmental or public-sector companies using .gov or .edu extensions. It got us […]

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Free Comparison of 5 Most Popular Web Analytics Vendors