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Optimize Your Customers’ Journey in M-Banking and E-Banking in 4 Simple Steps

Author Category Banking & Finance, Conversion Optimization

In the digital era, rapidly changing digital and mobile channels are generating challenges that banks must deal with. One of the biggest comes in the form of customers’ expectations, which are soaring. Opening an account, transferring money, managing finances via smartphones. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not about providing the […]

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Why Banks Need to Hone Setting KPIs for m-Banking Now More Than Ever

Author Category Banking & Finance, Web Analytics

The fast developing world of technology hasn’t spared anybody. Today it takes more than reliability and security for banks to succeed. With financial technology companies not only occupying more and more space on the financial arena but also joining forces to innovate it, banks are facing new, much greater challenges. It’s time they combined the […]

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To Banks Which Want to Track Omnichannel Customer Journey of Their Clients But Can’t Get Started

Author Category Banking & Finance, Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics

Banking customers have grown accustomed to the omnichannel convenience – the ability to start a process on a mobile app, then move to desktop, and finish the whole procedure at a local branch. Banks should then monitor the customer experience of their e-banking and m-banking services to make sure that hopping from one device to […]

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How to Handle Marketing Data the Right Way in Banking Industry?

Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

Processing marketing data in banks can be risky business. After all, financial institutions have to juggle sensitive data related to business and at the same time balance between strict sector-related restrictions like PCI DSS, GLBA, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, the Consumer Protection Act, and the GLBA Safeguards Rule, just to name a few. Not to […]

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How to Leverage Content Personalization for a Better Banking Experience

Author Category Banking & Finance, Content Personalization

With the proliferation of banking institutions and progressing digitalization of the world, banks are becoming more and more customer-centric. Technology has changed customers’ expectations for good and banks, just like telcos and retailers, need to follow suit and adapt to the busy day-to-day lives of their customers. Hardly anyone steps inside a bank these days […]

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Will EU’s new data reg hit your bank?

Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, GDPR

This article originally was published on Banking Exchange. Strict consumer data privacy and security regulations aren’t new to the financial services sector. However, the upcoming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy regulation add a new layer of complexity to existing practices, forcing financial service professionals to depart from business as usual when […]

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6 Problems to Solve When Choosing Web Analytics for Financial Services And Banking

Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

Have you ever tried to select web analytics for financial services and banking? If you haven’t, let us warn you: it’s not a walk in a park. It’s more like cutting your way through the jungle of data privacy rules and regulations you’ll have to adhere to. You won’t have the luxury of settling for […]

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Case study: Piwik PRO Web Analytics for Finance and Banking sector

Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, Use cases

Piwik PRO serves a number of clients from the finance and banking sectors. Because we put data safety and user privacy first, this makes us a natural partner for data-sensitive industries. This blog post is focused on the Global Financial case study to explain how our solution benefits industries dealing with mountains of sensitive data. […]

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On-Premises Web Analytics for the Banking & Healthcare Industries

Author Category Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Use cases, Web Analytics

Traditionally, Piwik users track their website via the JavaScript tracking code that’s placed on each page in their website. This is often the easiest way to track website and user actions. However, for large companies, placing the tracking code on each page is often unachievable due to the large number of pages contained in their websites, or because of other factors such as security policies. A great alternative to the JavaScript tracking code option is Server Log Analytics. What is Server Log Analytics? Server log analytics allows you to collect and process all web server logs and then import them into Piwik for viewing, analysing, and reporting. A web server log file contains historical information about the activity performed by it (typically by a website’s visitor). The web server logs can be imported into your Piwik service and added as another website in your Piwik Dashboard. Once in Piwik, the web server logs are parsed, processed and displayed as normal reports.

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