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Find out what data management and customer data platforms are and why you need them in your marketing arsenal. Follow our tips on how to choose the right ones and get the most of them.

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Free Comparison of Four Enterprise-Ready Customer Data Platforms

Date May 15, 2018 Author Category Data Management

Customer Data Platforms, a vital technology in the smart marketing stack, lets you connect sources of fragmented user data and stitch them together into a single customer view. Whether it’s campaign automation, mapping the cross-channel customer journey, data analysis, or online advertising, the platform supports them all. CDPs allow marketers to generate a better customer […]

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Data Management Platform vs Customer Data Platform – 4 Key Differences

Date May 9, 2018 Author Category Data Management

Data management platform, Customer Data Platform – their names may sound similar, but are they really the same thing? Let us guide you through the key differences between a DMP and a CDP. For many years, data management platforms have been considered among the most useful tools in digital marketing and advertising. This should come […]

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Customer Data Platform Overtakes DMP in the GDPR Compliance Race

Date April 18, 2018 Author Category Data Management

With the GDPR waiting just around the corner to come into force, the debate continues to rage over its influence on organizations and their data ecosystem. What we do know is that it will have a tremendous impact on how personal data is handled. Consequently, it will also influence the way organizations use AdTech and […]

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Customer Data Platform: What is it and How Does It Work?

Date December 19, 2017 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Data Management

Wondering about the hype around Customer Data Platforms? Read this blog post and learn why this technology is generating so much buzz. With the amount of information modern marketing tools gather, specialists often feel lost trying to make sense out of it. What’s more, the number of technologies used by marketing departments is rocketing up. […]

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Why you really need a DMP in your marketing stack

Date February 8, 2017 Author Category Data Management

Show me your marketing stack and I’ll tell you whether you’re a smart marketer or not. Yes, it’s that simple. No tests, no questions, no vetting your past experience. Just show me the tools you use, and I’ll tell you whether you are a smart digital marketer or not. Because, you see, there’s one telltale […]

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How Can A DMP Help With Cross-Device Attribution?

Date February 1, 2017 Author Category Data Management

Cross-device attribution. These 3 words are responsible for headaches, missed opportunities, and ad waste for online advertisers and marketers everywhere. And while it’s true that cross-device attribution is hard, there is a solution, and like most solutions to today’s advertising and marketing problems, it involves data, in particular, a data management platform (DMP). How Can […]

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Using PII in a DMP: What Are the Implications?

Date January 19, 2017 Author Category Data Management

In case you hadn’t heard – data management platforms (DMPs) are all the rage these days. Optimizing media buying and monetizing audience data is more important than ever and a big part of that is personalization. But when it comes to using personal data – or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – things get a bit […]

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3 Features You Need to Use PII in a DMP

Date January 12, 2017 Author Category Data Management

People are getting a bit jumpy about personal data these days. Just ask the poor folks at Yahoo who have had to announce not one, but two hacks of their email accounts over the last year. The result of such high-profile breaches is that people who never gave much thought about trusting a well-known brand […]

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3 Ways Publishers Can Benefit From A Data Management Platform (DMP)

Date January 9, 2017 Author Category Data Management

Data management platforms (DMP) have long been associated with companies & vendors on the buy side (e.g. DSPs and ad agencies), but they are increasingly starting to be adopted by those on the supply side, in particular, publishers. Below are 3 ways publishers can benefit from a Data Management Platform (DMP). 1. Increase The Value […]

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The Ultimate Guide to DMP Terminology

Date December 2, 2016 Author Category Data Management

Data management platforms (DMPs) are much like a lot of other new technology on the block – fabulously useful, but intimidating for those who are new to the game. Especially if they don’t know all the terminology associated with it. All the new jargon can seriously hinder new adopters from understanding a DMP’s usefulness. With […]

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