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How to Leverage Content Personalization for a Better Banking Experience

Author Category Banking & Finance, Content Personalization

With the proliferation of banking institutions and progressing digitalization of the world, banks are becoming more and more customer-centric. Technology has changed customers’ expectations for good and banks, just like telcos and retailers, need to follow suit and adapt to the busy day-to-day lives of their customers. Hardly anyone steps inside a bank these days […]

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The Power of Personalized Content

Author Category Content Personalization

This article originally was published on ABA Bank Marketing. Consider these three channels where financial services brands can boost marketing ROI. Financial marketers are at a crossroads. Today’s consumers almost never have to step foot in a bank and can even apply for a mortgage in minutes right from their smartphone. Digital marketing has also […]

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How to Use a DMP for Content Personalization

Author Category Content Personalization

The web is a wild and woolly jungle of information, channels, and devices. Nobody knows this more than advertisers and marketers desperate to find ways to personally connect with customers online, which is why they are becoming keener on leveraging technology for content personalization to cut through the digital maze. The beauty of content personalization […]

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