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Learn about the usefulness of Tag Manager software and see how it can enrich your marketing suite. Get tips ob how to apply it and integrate with other tools to achieve better insights across your digital channels.

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[UPDATE] Enterprise Tag Manager Vendor Comparison: Which TMS Should You Choose?

Date February 16, 2018 Author , Category Product Best Practices, Tag Manager

This blog post was originally published on October 17, 2016. We invite you to read the new version of our Enterprise Tag Manager Vendor comparison. It’s even more detailed than the previous one and includes more products! There are some tag management systems which pride themselves on being an “enterprise tag manager”. They give you […]

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2 Practical SharePoint Analytics Use Cases

Date August 11, 2017 Author Category Intranet Analytics, Tag Manager, Use cases

Microsoft SharePoint has established its position as a top collaboration platform for business. With its wide range of features, it can effectively manage and help share information, facilitate access to data, simplify the search for desired content, foster teamwork, and make the organization’s intranet environment thrive. However, having a great digital workplace doesn’t necessarily mean […]

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A Quick Course in Tag Manager’s Usefulness

Date April 19, 2017 Author Category Product Best Practices, Tag Manager, Use cases

When you hear some of the compliments tag managers get, you’d expect them to blush – if they could. “The democratizer of digital marketing”, “the most important tool in a marketer’s arsenal”, with it “web analytics become simpler and more efficient”, and the list goes on. You might think a tag manager solution is the […]

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How Your Web Analytics Can Team Up With a Tag Manager for Better Insights

Date February 15, 2017 Author Category Tag Manager, Use cases, Web Analytics

Digital marketing has come a long way. It became more and more complex and demands that marketers be able to coordinate and manage a vast number of tools to get the most precise and insightful data. This often means that the marketing team can lose control of part of their work, as they need the […]

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4 Reasons To Consider An On-Premises Tag Manager

Date February 7, 2017 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Tag Manager

Tag management systems – or tag managers as they’re more commonly known – are fast becoming a staple of digital marketing. Okay, let’s be blunt: if you’re not using a tag manager, you’re getting left in the dust. Perhaps no other tool in the marketer’s arsenal of weapons allows him or her to operate as […]

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Piwik PRO Tag Manager Expands Its Triggers Library

Date November 9, 2016 Author Category News & Releases, Tag Manager, Web Analytics

From November 2016 Piwik PRO Tag Manager allows you to fire tags on additional triggers. The newly expanded triggers library now also includes such powerful events as Scroll, Leave content and Time on website. All of them can also be used with Piwik PRO analytics to conveniently track these events. What is a trigger and […]

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Tag Management and a DMP: A Perfect Match

Date October 19, 2016 Author Category Data Management, Tag Manager

Does your data management platform (DMP) include a tag manager? If it doesn’t, it should. Why? Because a DMP needs data like a car needs fuel. Otherwise it’s not very useful at all. DMP users are anxious to get their hands on as much information about what visitors do on a website as possible – […]

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Know Before You Implement: Benefits and Pitfalls of TMS Implementations

Date October 5, 2016 Author Category Tag Manager, Web Analytics

This is a guest post provided by Kaylie Kipe from the Tag Inspector team. So you’ve recently learned about Tag Management Systems (TMS) and you’re considering the big migration. After all, TMS implementations can be pretty magical, especially if you change tags frequently or requested changes take days (or weeks or months – oh my!) […]

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Piwik PRO Expands to Include Privacy-Friendly Tag Manager

Date July 22, 2016 Author Category News & Releases, Tag Manager

Beginning in July 2016 Piwik PRO has extended its existing web analytics platform with an integrated tag management system. Piwik PRO Tag Manager comes with built-in integrations for Piwik and a range of other marketing & web analytics tag templates. In keeping with the PRO Team’s commitment to data privacy, Piwik PRO Tag Manager provides […]

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Launching A/B tests using Piwik PRO Tag Manager and Optimizely

Date July 1, 2016 Author Category Tag Manager, Use cases

A/B tests are used to test different elements of web content by comparing two versions, usually planned changes with the original. Learn how to launch them using Piwik PRO Tag Manager and Optimizely: Table of contents A/B test scenario Optimizely configuration Piwik PRO Tag Manager Configuration Experiment Review A/B test scenario A/B testing is used […]

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