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Find out how to get the most out of our Tag Manager, Content Personalization, Customer Data Platform and Web Analytics. Read about practical use cases for business and incorporate best tactics into your strategy.

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First-Party Data Marketing: 3 Powerful Use Cases

Date January 18, 2018 Author Category Personalization, Use cases

Read this blog post to learn how to utilize first-party data in your marketing strategy. Data is the fuel for virtually every marketing activity – from prospecting, to nurturing up through to conversions and customer retention. Every tool and platform we use collects data and tells us something about our customers and their behavior. And […]

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2 Practical SharePoint Analytics Use Cases

Date August 11, 2017 Author Category Intranet Analytics, Tag Manager, Use cases

Microsoft SharePoint has established its position as a top collaboration platform for business. With its wide range of features, it can effectively manage and help share information, facilitate access to data, simplify the search for desired content, foster teamwork, and make the organization’s intranet environment thrive. However, having a great digital workplace doesn’t necessarily mean […]

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A Quick Course in Tag Manager’s Usefulness

Date April 19, 2017 Author Category Product Best Practices, Tag Manager, Use cases

When you hear some of the compliments tag managers get, you’d expect them to blush – if they could. “The democratizer of digital marketing”, “the most important tool in a marketer’s arsenal”, with it “web analytics become simpler and more efficient”, and the list goes on. You might think a tag manager solution is the […]

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Raw Data Access – Using Piwik PRO for Advanced Attribution Modeling

Date March 10, 2017 Author Category Analytics, Use cases

Unlike other analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics (GA) which are hosted in the service provider’s Cloud, Piwik can be hosted On-premises. Cloud-based solutions generally have API limitations around data export. And if you’re an analyst who’s using analytics as a data collection platform for modeling purposes, you may run into issues with GA’s API […]

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Building a Better Digital Workplace with SharePoint Analytics

Date February 20, 2017 Author Category Intranet Analytics, Use cases

Let’s imagine you’re a large corporation. Let’s also imagine that you’ve taken the plunge to “digitize” your corporate workplace. You’ve purchased new hardware, and you’ve implemented Microsoft’s SharePoint system to create a collaborative, seamlessly functioning digital environment. And you’ve also put your entire staff through extensive training in order to help them properly use the […]

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How Your Web Analytics Can Team Up With a Tag Manager for Better Insights

Date February 15, 2017 Author Category Analytics, Tag Manager, Use cases

Digital marketing has come a long way. It became more and more complex and demands that marketers be able to coordinate and manage a vast number of tools to get the most precise and insightful data. This often means that the marketing team can lose control of part of their work, as they need the […]

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Ultimate Guide to Piwik PRO Event Tracking

Date January 5, 2017 Author Category Product Best Practices, Use cases

Data analytics has so many layers, from pageviews and bounce rates to time spent on page. But aggregated data doesn’t capture the full picture of your visitors’ activity. Whether you’re running just a medium-size ecommerce site or a multinational enterprise, you want to learn how your guests behave on your websites. Are they reading your […]

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3 Concrete Reasons to Use a Full Marketing Stack

Date November 16, 2016 Author Category Use cases

Do you have any idea how many smartphone apps there are available to download? Okay, I’ll help you – a ton. The Apple App Store alone offers roughly 2 million. Now that’s great for doing all sorts of things on the go – from playing games, looking up words in a foreign language or even […]

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Infographics: 4 Actionable Web Analytics Checklists

Date September 14, 2016 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Product Best Practices, Use cases

Being a web analyst is a real challenge. It combines so many different fields, skills, and responsibilities that it’s easy to get lost. We’ve put all the heads in our team together and brainstormed about the toughest issues every web analyst has to tackle. You’re probably a master when it comes to analyzing and managing […]

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Case study: Piwik PRO Web Analytics for Finance and Banking sector

Date September 8, 2016 Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, Use cases

Piwik PRO serves a number of clients from the finance and banking sectors. Because we put data safety and user privacy first, this makes us a natural partner for data-sensitive industries. This blog post is focused on the Global Financial case study to explain how our solution benefits industries dealing with mountains of sensitive data. […]

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