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Author: Karolina Gawron

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Karolina Gawron

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December 21, 2015

How to Use Piwik PRO’s Ecommerce Reports to Drive Sales

With the holiday season around the corner, every ecommerce shop should get ready for more traffic. For the last month, people have surfed the Internet in droves looking for the perfect gifts. It means increased traffic in your ecommerce shop and a great amount of data to analyse! Remember: the bigger sample of data, the […]

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6 things you must know when reading referrer report data

December 16, 2015

6 things you must know when reading referrer report data

In our previous blog, we mentioned how tracking your referrers may lead to traffic success. If you follow the advice, the reports can become the top factor for better understanding your audience. Here’s a short guide on how to make use of referrer data provided by Piwik PRO in order to drive more traffic to […]

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December 10, 2015

How to read and fully understand your referrer reports in Piwik PRO Analytics?

Every savvy marketer knows without proper insight into your traffic sources, you might be missing out on valuable information. Your brand or products are mentioned and linked to in many different places across the web; wouldn’t it be useful to get to know them all? Luckily, Piwik provides you with a comprehensive report on which […]

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