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Karolina Lubowicka, Content Marketer

Content Marketer and Social Media Specialist at Piwik PRO. An experienced copywriter who takes complex topics of data privacy & GDPR and makes them understandable for all.

Live Webinar: A Practical Guide to GDPR: How to Respect Data Subject Rights and Collect Consent

Date April 12, 2018 Author Category GDPR, News & Releases

We’re happy to invite you to take part in our new live webinar. The webinar will take place on April 19 and May 9 2018. You’ll learn how to collect, store and manage visitor consents among other valuable details about how best to conform with GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect […]

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How Consent Manager Can Help You Obtain GDPR-Compliant Consents From Your Users

Date April 5, 2018 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, GDPR

In this article we guide you through the most important characteristics of consent under GDPR. We also talk about GDPR consent manager – a useful tool that helps you collect, manage, and store all the relevant data in alignment with the new EU law. New rules around consent can lead to a lot of sleepless […]

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We’re Releasing GDPR Consent Manager!

Date March 29, 2018 Author Category GDPR, News & Releases

We’re happy to announce that we’re extending our marketing stack with a GDPR Consent Manager. Our new tool will help you automate a huge part of collecting, processing and storing GDPR consents and data subject requests. GDPR – an EU regulation that will change A LOT in the approach to data privacy – comes into […]

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Your MarTech & AdTech Digest: March

Date March 26, 2018 Author , Category News & Releases

Need some tips on lifting conversion? Poking around the web for some fresh and compelling articles on GDPR? We’ve got it all, and even a bit more. In this post, Piwik PRO team presents GDPR-related posts you shouldn’t miss. Should Your Opt-in Offer Be Video, PDF or Web Content? [Original Research] by CXL Marketers devote […]

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Web Analytics in China: How to Overcome Data Loss and Latency

Date March 16, 2018 Author , Category Web Analytics

Chinese Internet regulations, also known as The Great Firewall, are a controversial topic. It has a major impact on the way online companies do business in China, where both local and foreign companies must cooperate with the authorities to ensure compliance. Google is one of the companies that have been most strongly impacted by The […]

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[UPDATE] Web Analytics Vendors Review & Comparison Sheet: Which Solution Will Be Right For You?

Date February 28, 2018 Author , Category Web Analytics

This blog post was originally published on October 25, 2016. Are you racking your brain on finding analytics software that will match your business needs? Then we’ve got a great news for you. In our freshly updated comparison, you’ll find 5 of the most popular analytics solutions side-by-side for you to see the key differences […]

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Fix Poor Website Performance with Piwik PRO Analytics Reports

Date February 26, 2018 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics

Underperforming pages are the bane of every conversion rate optimization process. Never fear, we’ve got the perfect solution to your struggles! In this blog post we’ll show you how to deal with poor website performance using a Piwik PRO Analytics module. Last year’s Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2017 by Econsultancy has shown that only about […]

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Your Most Burning Questions About GDPR Answered. Part 2/3

Date February 22, 2018 Author Category GDPR

In this installment of the series we tackle issues related to GDPR and web analytics, email marketing, opt-outs & many more. Read on to learn how to prepare your business for the changes the new regulation is bringing. Here you can find the rest of the series: Your Most Burning Questions About GDPR Answered. Part […]

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[UPDATE] Enterprise Tag Manager Vendor Comparison: Which TMS Should You Choose?

Date February 16, 2018 Author , Category Product Best Practices, Tag Manager

This blog post was originally published on October 17, 2016. We invite you to read the new version of our Enterprise Tag Manager Vendor comparison. It’s even more detailed than the previous one and includes more products! There are some tag management systems which pride themselves on being an “enterprise tag manager”. They give you […]

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Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics: The Most Comprehensive Comparison

Date February 13, 2018 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

According to the latest statistics provided by, Google Analytics is used by 86% of all the websites whose traffic analysis tool we can discover. This makes up 57.4% of all websites. Sounds impressive, right? Google Analytics usageInfogram However, there are still many businesses which don’t want to or simply can’t afford to settle for […]

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