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Karolina Lubowicka, Content Marketer

Content marketing and social media enthusiast tweeting for @PiwikPRO.

To Banks Which Want to Track Omnichannel Customer Journey of Their Clients But Can’t Get Started

Author Category Banking & Finance, Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics

Banking customers have grown accustomed to the omnichannel convenience – the ability to start a process on a mobile app, then move to desktop, and finish the whole procedure at a local branch. Banks should then monitor the customer experience of their e-banking and m-banking services to make sure that hopping from one device to […]

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You Don’t Have to Sign a BAA With Your Web Analytics Vendor to be HIPAA-compliant

Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Healthcare, Web Analytics

Are you having trouble with convincing your web analytics vendor to sign a business associate agreement (BAA)? Don’t worry. There’s a way to deploy a web analytics tool which complies with HIPAA standards without a BAA in your hand. In this blog post we’ll show you how to make it happen. Before we proceed to […]

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How to Handle Marketing Data the Right Way in Banking Industry?

Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

Processing marketing data in banks can be risky business. After all, financial institutions have to juggle sensitive data related to business and at the same time balance between strict sector-related restrictions like PCI DSS, GLBA, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, the Consumer Protection Act, and the GLBA Safeguards Rule, just to name a few. Not to […]

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How Will GDPR Affect Your Web Analytics Tracking?

Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

Are you wondering if the upcoming GDPR legislation will have any impact on the way you collect your web analytics data? We must warn you – it certainly will. Read our new blog post to see, what exactly is going to change and how to prepare for it. You’ve probably heard of GDPR, the new […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Right SharePoint Analytics Solution

Author Category Intranet Analytics

Let us guide you through the process of selecting the best SharePoint Analytics tool for your business. SharePoint is undoubtedly a very helpful and flexible information management solution. For many reasons, like variety of licensing options and scalability to name a few, it can easily satisfy the demands of small- and mid-size companies as well […]

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5 Things to Consider Before You Set Your Mind on a Self-Hosted Web Analytics Platform

Author , Category Web Analytics

If you are here, you may be considering running a self-hosted web analytics platform on your own servers. It surely is the most secure and efficient way of running a web analytics tool: First of all, you know exactly where your data is kept as it is stored either on your premises or on the […]

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6 Problems to Solve When Choosing Web Analytics for Financial Services And Banking

Author Category Banking & Finance, Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

Have you ever tried to select web analytics for financial services and banking? If you haven’t, let us warn you: it’s not a walk in a park. It’s more like cutting your way through the jungle of data privacy rules and regulations you’ll have to adhere to. You won’t have the luxury of settling for […]

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Piwik PRO: 10 Most Important Product Changes of 2016

Author Category News & Releases, Web Analytics

2016 was a busy but also very fruitful year for all of us. Our team grew, and so did the number of products and features in our stack. If you’ve lost track of our recent activities, you’ll be surprised how much we changed during 2016. Want to know what the last 12 months meant for […]

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Piwik PRO Blog Roundup: The Most-Read Articles of 2016

Author Category Product Best Practices, Web Analytics

Web analytics is not only our bread and butter, but our passion as well. Our blog content delivers solid proof of that. Or at least we think so ;-). This year, in more than 70 articles, we have covered the latest data privacy regulations, as well as shared our knowledge on Piwik PRO best practices, […]

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Best Holiday Wishes From Piwik PRO Team!

Author Category Web Analytics

As the holiday season is nearly here and 2016 is coming to an end, we find ourselves looking back on the past 12 months and those who have helped shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us, and we hope that it was equally successful for you! For that reason, we’d like to […]

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