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Karolina Matuszewska, Content Marketer

Your Weekly MarTech & AdTech Digest: February Part 1

Date February 5, 2018 Author , Category News & Releases

Looking for some valuable reading material on web analytics, MarTech, AdTech and data privacy? We’ve got you covered. In this new blog post series the Piwik PRO team gathers all the news you can use in one place. Let’s begin: Nearly 80% of consumers would end brand relationship over unauthorized data usage by MarTech Today […]

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Exit Intent Pop-Ups: Ins and Outs Of Keeping Visitors On Your Site

Date January 29, 2018 Author Category Content Personalization, Conversion Optimization

Exit intent pop-ups: friend or foe? There’s no straightforward answer, as everything depends on your strategy. These small message windows generate controversy for their negative impact on user experience. That said, their ubiquitous presence in the digital world implies that they do provide us with real benefits, namely conversion optimization. The truth is, more and […]

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5 Definite Advantages You Can Gain With Self-Hosted Web Analytics

Date December 13, 2017 Author Category Web Analytics

If you haven’t made up your mind yet about self-hosted web analytics, it’s high time to go for it. The key arguments in favor of such a deployment are control and security, which are valuable commodities in your marketing strategy. In practice, it means that you know where your data is stored, how it’s handled […]

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Google Analytics Alternatives:
4 Sound Reasons to Consider

Date November 28, 2017 Author Category Web Analytics

Google Analytics is the top player when it comes to tracking website visitors, no one argues with that. The value of the platform is reflected in its popularity, which is why it’s the market leader boasting an 83% share. That’s a strong argument. However, this prominence might result to some extent from overall trends and […]

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Optimize Your Customers’ Journey in M-Banking and E-Banking in 4 Simple Steps

Date November 10, 2017 Author Category Banking & Finance, Conversion Optimization

In the digital era, rapidly changing digital and mobile channels are generating challenges that banks must deal with. One of the biggest comes in the form of customers’ expectations, which are soaring. Opening an account, transferring money, managing finances via smartphones. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not about providing the […]

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On-Site Retargeting Strategy: The Essential Checklist

Date October 27, 2017 Author Category Content Personalization, Conversion Optimization

If you operate an online business, your main objective is to convert website visitors into customers or subscribers. However, excellent site design, a responsive interface, and even your top products can fail to bring the expected results. The truth is, most visitors need multiple touch points and nudges to reach the end of your marketing […]

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Piwik PRO and Tableau Join Forces

Date October 5, 2017 Author Category News & Releases

We have a thrilling piece of news to share: Piwik PRO is teaming up with Tableau to make interactive visualizations of data and create custom reports for faster decision-making processes. Tableau is a leader in the data discovery field appreciated for its complex data visualizations and interactive dashboards. The integration with the Piwik PRO Marketing […]

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When Can Intranet Analytics Jeopardize Your Legal Compliance?

Date September 26, 2017 Author Category Intranet Analytics

In the era of digital workspace, an arsenal of SharePoint plus analytics tools doesn’t break new ground. It’s simply a must-have. You can rely on it when you want to foster productivity, create an effective business road map, and support teamwork in your organization. The pinpoint precision of your reports allows you to make well-informed […]

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Dynamic Website Personalization: How to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back for More

Date September 22, 2017 Author Category Content Personalization

The growing need for customized products and services is what gets the onsite personalization ball rolling. It’s not only about meeting customers’ needs at every touchpoint. It’s also about presenting the right content to the right visitors. Such approach requires a deep understanding of visitors’ needs and expectations on a more granular level. Today’s technology, […]

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How Can You Take Advantage of Predictive Personalization?

Date September 7, 2017 Author Category Content Personalization

With the rapid evolution of digital marketing, providing personalized content to customers has become an everyday reality. There’s no way back. Gone are the days of guessing customers’ needs, promoting your top products or services and hoping for the best. Your site visitors expect to see the content that resonates with their unique requirements and […]

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