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Author: Paweł Socha

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Paweł Socha

Senior Content Marketer

Copywriter and UX Writer, with a solid background in linguistics and technical translations. His extensive experience across numerous areas (SaaS, fintech, e-commerce) has afforded him a profound understanding of articulating complex concepts in simple, digestible terms. He is committed to creating content that is not only informative and accessible but also engaging and actionable for the audience. Paweł tirelessly works to enhance user experience through clearly communicated messages packed in an intuitive content design.
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Privacy compliance in ecommerce – a comprehensive guide

August 22, 2023

Privacy compliance in ecommerce – a comprehensive guide

The rapid evolution of ecommerce has made privacy compliance a critical concern for many online businesses. With the increasing number of data breaches, consumer awareness, and fines for non-compliance, safeguarding customers’ data and respecting their privacy has become a new standard. According to Gartner, 75% of global consumers will have their personal data protected by privacy […]

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