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Fast and powerful custom reporting is the focus of our redesigned analytics engine

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Published July 30, 2018 · Updated October 6, 2022

Fast and powerful custom reporting is the focus of our redesigned analytics engine

Combine metrics, dimensions and events in flexible tabular and graphical report templates. Quickly compare results across segments and time periods.
You’ll get faster loading times even with very large data sets thanks to a more efficient architecture requiring minimal pre-computing.

We work with a diverse set of clients and have seen over the years how many different ways they approach analytics. As more and more organizations use web and mobile analytics, the possible combinations of metrics and reports will only grow. To address this reality we’ve dug into the guts of our analytics platform to improve our custom reporting in four main areas:

  • Speed – Minimal pre-computing is required to create a report or filter results of an existing one.
  • Ease of use – Drag and drop metrics and dimensions to specify a report and filter the input data. Create a wide variety of reports without database know-how or technical expertise.
  • Flexibility – Select from a handful of tabular and graphical report formats, then add variables such as metrics, dimensions and custom events. Initially we’ll offer bar and line graphs plus flat and nested tables, with more options to be added in future versions.
  • Scalability – You won’t see a performance hit, even for very large datasets.

We’ve rethought many elements to make these improvements, but the biggest change is to the database back end. We changed from the row-oriented MySQL to the column-oriented ClickHouse.

This is important because the column-oriented architecture is ideal for quickly aggregating large data sets – exactly what we want out of a modern analytics platform.

We’ve incorporated all the same privacy and security features Piwik PRO is known for as well as integration with our other products such as GDPR Consent Manager and Tag Manager.

Data privacy, security, regulatory compliance, flexible hosting and full data control were built in from the beginning of the project.

On top of these strong foundations, this update shouldn’t be a disruption to our current users. We’ll offer full data migration and the interface will be familiar to current Piwik PRO users.

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