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Guest blogging for Piwik PRO

Guest blogging for Piwik PRO

Published: June 6, 2017 Updated: August 2, 2018 Author Category News & Releases

If you’re here, you’re most likely familiar with Piwik PRO and you appreciate the content that we produce. We’re glad you do.

If you’re passionate about technology and writing, you have extensive knowledge of web analytics and martech technology, you’re a relentless researcher, and you love learning and communicating your expertise, we’d love to hear from you!

Why guest blog?

There are at least 4 benefits guest posting will bring you:

  1. You contribute to the growth of industry
  2. You get the chance to reach industry leaders
  3. You promote your company’s name and network
  4. And, last but not least, a reputable referrer to your website

Topics we cover

You must have noticed that we love:

  • Web analytics
  • Tag management
  • Content personalization
  • Data activation
  • Data privacy
  • Marketing technology

Until now, we’ve focused mainly on web analytics. Now, we’re pivoting more towards the martech so as to educate our audience about the potentials of Piwik PRO Marketing Suite and how healthcare, banking and financial industry, and big enterprises can profit from it.

However, if you think a topic we haven’t listed above might interest us, we’re ready to consider your ideas.

What’s our take on writing?

We respect our reader’s time that’s why we like our posts to be specific – no beating about the bush. We feel strongly about addressing real questions and help our readers solve real problems.

We like to think we prove it with the titles of our blog posts, and their content. That’s why, prior to getting down to writing, we do thorough research so as to be sure we include verified information only. Hence, we link solely to trusted sources.

The length is of secondary importance. We prefer shorter but substantial posts rather than long ones that are devoid of value. Having said that, we’ll publish posts not shorter than 1000 words.

Being reader-friendly, we slice the texts into nice short paragraphs – they are more easily processed by our brains. Finally, we write for intelligent audience, so we want to sound eloquent but we’d rather avoid fancy, ambiguous wording that doesn’t convey much meaning.


  • Write to the point
  • Answer real questions
  • Research first
  • Respect the reader’s time and intelligence

How to begin?

We don’t expect you to send us full body of text. Instead, send us basic information via content@piwik.pro such as:

  • contact data
  • your current job title
  • links to three articles you have written that are similar to the article you would write for Piwik PRO
  • little info about your career

and of course suggest a topic for an interesting article you could write for us!

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