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Join Us for a Live Webinar on SharePoint Analytics

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Published July 3, 2018 · Updated December 20, 2018

Join Us for a Live Webinar on SharePoint Analytics

Join our CEO Maciej Zawadziński as he lays out a data-driven approach to get more from your SharePoint investment. Learn how to foster a culture of engaged and productive employees in your company by optimizing your digital workspace.

We’re happy to announce our next webinar, this time about SharePoint analytics.

A Practical Guide to SharePoint Analytics:
How to Increase Employee Engagement

Watch the webinar

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why companies invest in intranets and what benefits this brings
  • How to find the most engaged employees and fully benefit from their potential
  • New ways to increase the effectiveness of your content and improve your team’s productivity

We’ve written a lot about the topic. So if we’ve already piqued your curiosity, maybe you’d like to check our articles and comparisons as well…

Worried you’ll miss it? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording.

Though of course we’d love to have you there and answer any questions you might have.

Reserve your free spot now for our Sharepoint Analytics webinar.


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