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Our Piwik PRO Team is happy to invite you to our conference that will take place on March 15th 2018 in Rotterdam, at the Engels Conference Centre. We gathered excellent experts, that will share their knowledge in data privacy, user experience, data compliancy and digital analytics. The enrolment of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is getting closer and closer and all companies and organisations ought to prepare themselves for the change of legislation. During our conference you will not only learn how to prepare and adjust to the GDPR, you will also acquire knowledge on how to comply with the new rules and how to guard your company against high fines for violating the GDPR. Learn all about how GDPR will affect your web analytics and digital marketing efforts.

Conference Overview

  • visit our conference and become proficient in learning about how to avoid data breaches and safeguard your company from any penalties connected to GDPR violations
  • determine what steps you can take to ensure full compliance with the newest regulations
  • experience sharp presentations based on Case Studies and Use Cases (provided for example by representatives from– a dutch online legal platform)
  • take part in real-time demonstrations and take a close look at the Piwik PRO products, why was it created, by whom and what is our mission
  • discover our new developments, learn all about Web Analytics, the influence GDPR will have on its efforts and find out what Piwik PRO could do for your line of business
  • learn and understand the meaning of DoNotTrack browser settings, Opt in and out features, full data portability, automatic anonymization of visitors IP and much more
  • learn more about data privacy and its security within the governmental and financial sector
  • an important part of the festivities will be the interactive breaks, where you can address every uncertainty, meet our team of experts, tighten business contacts and have a nice cup of coffee or enjoy a well prepared buffet

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An important aim for the conference is to offer guidance in privacy and compliancy with the GDPR. Through your participation you can get a better view on Piwik PRO, its creators and developers and find out how to expand Piwik PRO platform by adding features like Tag Management, Personalisation and Data Activation.

We invited many experts to the conference, see below who and see also the topics that will be tackled during the event:

Aurelie Pols
Presentation topic: ePrivacy Regulations

Steven Slings
Case study: Implementation of Piwik PRO at

Grzegorz Jendroszczyk
Presentation topic: Introduction to the Piwik PRO Consent Manager Tool

Marnix Bras
Presentation topic: Undercover UX. Implementing UX knowledge.

Vincent de Winter
Presentation topic: Piwik PRO Roadmap

Christopher Wendels
Presentation topic: Privacy by design for products

Hans van der Meer
Presentation topic: Impact of GDPR on your people and organization

If you are curious to learn about the GDPR, ePrivacy Regulations and data analytics, join us for the Piwik PRO Conference in Rotterdam on March 15th 2018.

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But don’t wait too long- the number of seats are limited. We hope to see you soon in Rotterdam!


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