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Join us in Rotterdam on the 2nd November 2017!

Join us in Rotterdam on the 2nd November 2017!


Piwik PRO Conference “Moving Towards GDPR”

It’s with great pleasure that we announce that Piwik PRO is hosting its very own conference! The event starts November 2nd in Rotterdam, Groothandelsgebouw.

The conference will bring together EU representatives from the Dutch government and experts in data privacy to discuss the future of data protection, GDPR compliance and how Piwik PRO products fit into the picture. We want to create a forum where everyone can participate in the conversation. You will not only have the opportunity to listen to high-level experts but you can also be a part of the discussion, ask questions and address your unique concerns. Here are some of the speakers that will present in Rotterdam.

  • Aurelie Pols– focuses on data privacy best practices and will tell us all about GDPR: how it will affect your company, how you can prepare for it and how to avoid mistakes.
  • Grzegorz Jendroszczyk– is our very own Piwik PRO Data Protection Officer. He will elaborate on how GDPR will affect your Web Analytics efforts. During his presentation he will also demonstrate the Piwik PRO platform and show off all its capabilities.
  • Vincent de Winter– is the head of Piwik PRO business development for Benelux. He will present a roadmap of Piwik PRO’s future integrations.
  • Maciej Zawadziński – Founder and CEO at Piwik PRO will join Vincent in his presentation. He will explain why the platform is being used in privacy-oriented organizations and discuss how GDPR will impact the roadmap and future features.
  • Steven Slings– from Netprofiler / Rechtspraak.nl will share his expertise utilizing Piwik PRO within the main Dutch legal platform and using Piwik PRO with other data sources in his organization to improve online activities.
  • Marnix Bras– is a renowned UX Strategist who will explain how valuable User Experience can be. He will discuss how UX is an essential addition to the design of a product throughout its life cycle.
  • Martijn Warmoeskerken– as Senior Advisor Rijksoverheid.nl will explain how Piwik PRO as Web Analytics platform is being used within the structures of the dutch government.

Join us in Rotterdam and prepare your organization for the future of web analytics/data regulation/digital marketing.A full understanding of GDPR and what it implies for your organization is of high importance, even if others are not preparing themselves yet. Don’t risk high fines under GDPR, get the knowledge you need to keep your organization compliant.

If you are interested in how GDPR will affect your web analytics and marketing efforts and you would like to join us at our conference, please register at Eventbrite today.

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Anna Cederholm, Content Marketer

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