How to Leverage Content Personalization for a Better Banking Experience

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With the proliferation of banking institutions and progressing digitalization of the world, banks are becoming more and more customer-centric. Technology has changed customers’ expectations for good and banks, just like telcos and retailers, need to follow suit and adapt to the busy day-to-day lives of their customers. Hardly anyone steps inside a bank these days – mainly because we are getting more and more impatient while placing greater trust in technology. Hence, banks need to adjust their offer to fit into the mobile, omnichannel world of customers expecting a personalized experience, and who take for granted the ease with which transactions happen.

In addition, banks also need to cut through the noise of information overload and proactively anticipate customers’ expectations in order to present them with the right messages in the right context. Luckily, awareness of the necessity of fully understanding customers’ needs and leveraging that knowledge to provide a more personalized experience is growing.

Hardly anyone doubts it. The pace of life is increasing and customers long ago began expecting their needs to be met. The universal customization of services inevitably affects communication. Customers expect quick wins, easy findings, and instant answers to their questions as well. If you are in any doubt, just look at the numbers – what is the average time per visit on your website or application? How does your conversion rate compare to the targets you’ve set?

Hear what customers are saying

Think of content personalization as a conversation you’re having with your customer. It sounds a bit vague, but in fact it’s not. Just think of the people you like talking to. What makes you enjoy engaging in discussions with them? They most likely have something interesting to say, but what’s equally important is they listen to you as well. In fact, a conversation with even the most knowledgeable person would be extremely annoying if your interlocutor failed to listen to you. That’s why, before you get down to personalizing your messages, you must listen and learn your customers and their context. The more accurate information on user behavior you have, the more effective you will be.

Content Personalization

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Start with why

To quote Simon Sinek: Start with why. Firstly, why does your website or app exist? Then, why do people visit it? Why don’t you think of them as landing pages. The role of your landing page is to convert visitors into leads. Isn’t conversion exactly what you hope for when people visit your website? When creating the content for your landing pages, you take into account the context (referrals) in which your users visit the page, and then, with their needs in mind, you clean up the page and get rid of any needless junk. Keep information to a bare minimum to respond to visitors’ needs, and maybe show them benefits they were unaware of before clicking on the advertising link.

Adopt the same approach when personalizing your bank messages. By personalizing your on-site, in-app, or mobile web content you are much better positioned as in most cases the users you target are your clients, about whom you possess vast knowledge. This means your choices are going to be so much more informed!

Get your priorities straight

Did you know that the majority of customers who decide to switch banks do so based on their mobile banking experience? Banks tend to undervalue the importance of their mobile banking services and waste the money they’ve invested in mobile apps. Offering great, personalized mobile web and app content is your chance to make your bank stand out.


Stay coherent across channels

Focusing on the mobile experience is a necessity, but it’s not the end of the story. As we all know, making financial decisions is a process, which means it can take more than a little time. This is exactly why you should try to orchestrate your personalization efforts and reach your customers across multiple channels:

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