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The Updated Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 6.2.0 Is Here!

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Published August 6, 2018 · Updated September 19, 2019

The Updated Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 6.2.0 Is Here!

With the beginning of the month we’re glad to announce that Piwik PRO Analytics Suite has been upgraded to version 6.2.0. The official release to our customers was on July 31 this year. The software update brings various new capabilities along with performance improvements, which is the result of numerous meetings, discussions, and significant input from both our customers and staff.

In this post, we’ll give you a run down of all the major changes and fixes so you don’t miss a beat. So, here we go.

What can you expect from the refreshed Tag Manager?

With the latest update to Tag Manager, our product has expanded its library of DoubleClick tag templates with Floodlight Counter and Floodlight Sales to let you more efficiently track conversion activities. The first one enables you to count how many times your users visited your website after they either clicked on or saw one of your ads. Thanks to the second one, you can record how many items users have bought and the value of the whole purchase.

What’s more, our team fixed issues concerning variables and even expanded their functionality. Currently, you can now employ refactor variables, covering various types of variables like string, integer, boolean, and objects — depending on usage context.

Next, we made some changes regarding cookies. Namely, the cookie’s default expiry date has been reduced to one year, and that can’t be changed by the user.

The recent update to Piwik PRO has introduced several new functionalities to Consent Manager. First of all, you can now manage consents with a JavaScript API that enables you:

  • get consent types
  • get new consent types
  • get consent settings
  • send data subject request

All in an easier and more convenient way.

Then, you can get a better view into visitors’ consent decisions with newly included Consent Manager reports. In this way you can see, for instance, if a user viewed the consent form, provided consent or just left the page without submitting any consent decision.

A view of one of the consent manager reports.

Furthermore, we added a new functionality so users with Edit & Publish authorization have the ability to easily manage all consents.

Consent Manager’s visual editor has been upgraded with an HTML elements tree for a better user experience. It enables you with an easy and convenient method to track and visualize changes in your consent. Moreover, with the product update you can easily see the history of all modifications to the copy in the consent form.

Lastly, you’ll be able to ask your visitors for consent again 6 months after their first consent decision was recorded. This can be used to encourage users to provide consent if they didn’t do so the first time, or if they changed their consent decisions at some point in time.

What can you expect from the refreshed Audience Manager?

Another product in our stack that also got a makeover is Audience Manager (Customer Data Platform). One of the most significant features was the addition of two API endpoints. You can now pull lists of created audiences and easily export all profiles into a CSV file from Audience Manager via API. This is particularly useful for automating data transfers from Audience Manager to your other marketing tools, such as your marketing automation platform.

What can you expect from the refreshed Analytics?

Last but not least, our flagship product — Analytics — has got a significant enhancement with row evolution reports for funnel steps. It’s a big asset as you can now take a closer look at each funnel step individually on each row of your report. This will come in handy as you can view how metrics change throughout time, for instance, due to modifications to the site or an increase in traffic. What’s more, you can apply annotations to charts on a particular date to mark the exact moment when a change occurs.

A view of row evolution report for each step of the funnel.

To round out

As you can see, our team has introduced a host of improvements with the new update. Some include major changes, while other are small upgrades and with various fixes. We are constantly working on our products so they’ll run smoothly and help you address all your analytics issues on the spot. Naturally, we’ll be releasing more advancements, tweaks, and new features again soon, so stay tuned! If you have any questions or suggestions, we’re here for you so…

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