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Tracking Email Marketing in 4 Steps

Date May 22, 2018 Author Category Web Analytics

Is email dead? You might get this impression when seeing how much effort and attention marketers devote to social media and website optimization strategies. But don’t be misled – your inbox is jam-packed with good reason. The email channel is still the dominant one in the digital marketing ecosystem. A survey by Ascend2 and Research […]

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How to Capture the Whole Customer Journey When Dealing With Secure Member Areas

Date April 30, 2018 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

In this article we guide you through all the important aspects of tracking user activity in post log-in areas of your website. One of the most important goals of today’s marketers is to capture their clients’ customer journey from start to finish. The term “customer journey” has become even more popular than content marketing and […]

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Web Analytics for Remarketing – 4 Key Steps to Follow Off and On-site

Date March 20, 2018 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics

If you operate within the digital ecosystem, you’re probably familiar with the problem of lost visitors, customers or subscribers. It might even be your biggest bugaboo. These visitors interact with your site, put items in the cart, and suddenly they’re gone. They disappear just before the finishing line, conversion. Does this mean they are lost […]

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Web Analytics in China: How to Overcome Data Loss and Latency

Date March 16, 2018 Author , Category Web Analytics

Chinese Internet regulations, also known as The Great Firewall, are a controversial topic. It has a major impact on the way online companies do business in China, where both local and foreign companies must cooperate with the authorities to ensure compliance. Google is one of the companies that have been most strongly impacted by The […]

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Web Analytics for Government and the Public Sector: 5 Arguments to Consider

Date March 5, 2018 Author Category Government, Web Analytics

Do government agencies know the path that leads to efficient and compliant web analytics tracking? Hopefully this is a rhetorical question. However, if it’s not, then it’s high time to find a convenient and safe way there. You can expect some bumps in the road, whether in the form of technical constraints or the challenges […]

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[UPDATE] Web Analytics Vendors Review & Comparison Sheet: Which Solution Will Be Right For You?

Date February 28, 2018 Author , Category Web Analytics

This blog post was originally published on October 25, 2016. Are you racking your brain on finding analytics software that will match your business needs? Then we’ve got a great news for you. In our freshly updated comparison, you’ll find 5 of the most popular analytics solutions side-by-side for you to see the key differences […]

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Fix Poor Website Performance with Piwik PRO Analytics Reports

Date February 26, 2018 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics

Underperforming pages are the bane of every conversion rate optimization process. Never fear, we’ve got the perfect solution to your struggles! In this blog post we’ll show you how to deal with poor website performance using a Piwik PRO Analytics module. Last year’s Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2017 by Econsultancy has shown that only about […]

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Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics: The Most Comprehensive Comparison

Date February 13, 2018 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, Web Analytics

According to the latest statistics provided by, Google Analytics is used by 86% of all the websites whose traffic analysis tool we can discover. This makes up 57.4% of all websites. Sounds impressive, right? Google Analytics usageInfogram However, there are still many businesses which don’t want to or simply can’t afford to settle for […]

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[UPDATE] How Will GDPR Affect Your Web Analytics Tracking?

Date February 1, 2018 Author Category Data Privacy & Security, GDPR, Web Analytics

This blog post was originally published on April 27, 2017. Are you wondering if the upcoming GDPR legislation will have any impact on the way you collect your web analytics data? We must warn you – it certainly will. Read our new blog post to see, what exactly is going to change and how to […]

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Single Customer View: What is it and How Does it Work?

Date December 14, 2017 Author Category Personalization, Web Analytics

If modern marketing was a car, data would be its fuel. With consumers generating huge amounts of data every day, marketers have a lot of information they can use to grasp their needs and interests. However, not every piece of data is created equal. And when it comes to personalizing the user experience and making […]

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