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Let’s meet at the Customer Data Platform Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands!

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Published November 13, 2019 · Updated March 17, 2020

Let’s meet at the Customer Data Platform Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands!

Customer Data Platforms are beyond the hype. According to Grand View Research, the global CDP market was valued at USD 730.1 million in 2018 and is expected to grow by 27.5% from 2019 to 2025. However, we feel that there’s still a lot to be said when it comes to the possibilities offered by this new hot technology.

That’s why we’re pleased to invite you to the event we sponsor. The Customer Data Conference will take place on November 21 in Utrecht, Netherlands at Supernova (Jaarbeurs).

The event will focus on practical applications of the platform. During the round table sessions, you’ll learn how to leverage insights obtained thanks to CDP. With such knowledge you’ll be able to improve customer experience, conversion rates and outcomes of your email marketing, lead generation or marketing automation campaigns. Here you can find the whole agenda.

Some of the notable guests at the event will include David Raab, the founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute.

Piwik PRO team will be proudly represented by Vincent de Winter. Based on a real-life example of our client – XS4ALL – Vincent and Yerzy Benistant, Digital Analyst at XS4ALL, will showcase how CDP can help you achieve a 360-degree customer view without compromising on service quality, user privacy and data security.

And in-between sessions, we’ll be happy to talk and exchange experiences with anyone interested in CDP technology, data privacy in the context of marketing activities, or Piwik PRO products.

Sounds interesting? Read more about the conference program, speakers and tickets here:


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