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Key advice for data-driven companies – the experts’ take on marketing skills for 2023


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Published January 18, 2023

Key advice for data-driven companies – the experts’ take on marketing skills for 2023

As a part of Piwik PRO’s forecast discussions, we spoke with our experts about the skills every marketer needs to have in 2023.

This is a crucial moment for marketers. Technical, legal, and consumer trends continuously reshape how businesses operate. Also, Google is sunsetting its Universal Analytics in a few months.

From updating their skills to switching to the next analytics platform – marketers simply need to catch up.

What exactly are the trends and skills required for this year?

We’ve asked our experts:

Understanding business goals

Learning how the company operates, its main goals, and how the data you collect can be used to achieve them – that’s what matters. But how to make sure that all these goals are clear? “Ask questions and get clarification from other people,” says Anil.

To truly embrace all the key performance indicators (KPIs) from different teams, marketers should also develop their soft skills to the maximum. The most valued ones are teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. 

Cross-team cooperation

Speaking of the required skills, the one our expert considers to be the key is cooperation. “Learn to work with people from different cultures and understand differences between them – skills, ideas, backgrounds,” says Mikko.

Marketers shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help and should know who to turn to for answers. As no one can know everything and specialize in every field, it’s good to be a team player.

Our experts also emphasize the importance of cooperation with legal teams, especially regarding privacy compliance: “Privacy laws are constantly changing. Marketers should have a broader awareness of what’s happening, but it is impossible to know every law. That’s why they need to cooperate with legal teams,” says Anil.

“The legal teams should be able to translate complex definitions into simple language. That’s when everyone can understand why there are legal limitations and what steps need to be taken to comply,” adds Mateusz.

Becoming data-driven

As more and more companies say they are data-driven, there is a question of whether they know exactly how to achieve it. 

The first thing about becoming a data-driven company is to have high-quality data. Then comes the proper mindset,” says Mateusz. “It’s impossible to have a fully data-driven company with poor data quality. If people don’t trust your data, they won’t be interested in what your company offers,” adds Mikko. 

On the other hand, Anil considers mindset as something that starts the whole process. “If you want your company to be data-driven, begin with the right mindset. That’s what leads to having good-quality data.” 

There are many ways for companies to be data-driven – but that is a topic for further discussion. 

Marketing forecast for 2023: skills, technology & privacy

We hope this summary encourages you to review our marketing forecast for 2023. To learn more about the experts’ take on this year’s marketing trends, watch our whole series of on-demand video talks about essential marketing skills, regulatory changes, and key technologies.

Video talks
Video talks

Marketing forecast for 2023: skills, technology & privacy


Anil Batra

CEO at Optizent

Anil is a digital marketing and analytics professional with 18+ years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 and helped them improve marketing results and develop a data-driven culture. Anil holds a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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Mikko Piippo

Co-founder at Hopkins

Mikko is an analytics specialist and co-founder of Hopkins, a digital marketing agency based in Helsinki. In his own words, he “has spent too many years acquiring new skills and knowledge at different universities and online classes”. Today, he primarily consults clients in Finland and abroad on digital analytics strategy and implementation.

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Mateusz Krempa

CRO at Piwik PRO

Mateusz is a Warsaw School of Economics graduate with over nine years of management experience. As the leader of the Revenue Operations department, he's responsible for the optimization of revenue streams. He also oversees account management activities for the entire Piwik PRO customer portfolio.

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Natalia Chronowska

Content Marketer

A content marketer with a flair for tech-related topics. With almost eight years of experience, she has developed extensive skills in crafting articles that simplify complex analytics, marketing, and technology concepts. Her journey started in a creative agency, where she focused on using storytelling and gamification to design concepts for international clients. Then, she moved to the IT industry, where she discovered her knack for translating technical jargon into engaging content. She joined Piwik PRO as a content marketer with a solid background in technology. Her main area of expertise involves marketing, analytics, personalization, AI, digital transformation, chatbots, and innovations in multiple industries. At Piwik PRO, she has gained an in-depth knowledge of web and app analytics, compliant data collection, security, and privacy.

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