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Integrating Piwik PRO and Cookie Information CMP is now easier than ever

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Published February 27, 2024

Integrating Piwik PRO and Cookie Information CMP is now easier than ever

Last year, Piwik PRO joined forces with Cookie Information (CI), the vendor of a leading consent management platform (CMP) based in Denmark. Our goal with the merger is to give more opportunities for effective and lawful data collection to companies worldwide and help them shift towards first-party data strategies.

Our first step to deliver on that promise is to simplify the integration between Cookie Information CMP and Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. The new integration introduces more flexibility, better functionalities, and improves user experience for our clients. 

This change brings Piwik PRO closer to being the best-integrated analytics platform, giving marketers complete freedom in collecting, connecting, analyzing, and acting on their data.

How does the integration work?

We made sure that connecting Cookie Information and Piwik PRO is as simple as possible. You can now integrate the two platforms through a native tag available in Piwik PRO Tag Manager.

Piwik PRO Cookie Information integration
Piwik PRO Tag Manager

The tag automatically maps all consent categories from Cookie Information to consent types in Piwik PRO. This lets you trigger tags based on consent collected via a Cookie Information banner and respect people’s choices across your marketing stack.

Piwik PRO Cookie Information tag
Consent mapping in Piwik PRO

If you’d like to learn more about the implementation, read our help center article.

What are the benefits of the integration?

Through the integration, we want to equip our respective clients with even more effective tools to analyze and streamline customer journeys while respecting privacy every step of the way. 

Cookie Information clients interested in Piwik PRO will benefit from:

  • An easy way to make data collection privacy-friendly. Clients of Cookie Information can switch seamlessly to an analytics platform that fully supports their privacy compliance.
  • More insights into the customer journey. By integrating with Piwik PRO, CI clients get access to a wide range of anonymous tracking methods. This allows them to gather valuable data even when visitors decline or ignore their consent requests.
  • Streamlined data activation. Integration with Piwik PRO’s CDP enables CI users to activate their data using consent-based audiences. This helps them enhance their first-party data strategies while complying with data protection laws.
  • Integrated consent statistics. Users can now view detailed consent statistics in Piwik PRO reports. This includes insights into banner performance, such as the number of people who refused, revoked, declined, or gave consent to tracking.

For Piwik PRO clients, choosing Cookie Information over our native CMP is especially useful if they wish to:

  • Work with a Certified Google CMP Partner that offers native integration with Consent Mode v.2. Although Piwik PRO Consent Manager also allows you to connect with Consent Mode v.2, the integration provided by CI is done by a template, making it more convenient.
  • Keep visitors informed about all cookies used on your website. To align with some data protection authorities’ requirements, you need to inform visitors about cookies that are currently used on your website. Cookie Information CMP simplifies this task by automatically detecting and categorizing cookies and listing them on your cookie banner. It also generates a cookie script for your privacy policy page that updates whenever you add tools or change their settings.
  • Audit cookies for compliance regularly. Using Cookie Information’s Cookie Management Platform, you can scan your cookies daily and weekly for potential privacy threats.
  • Take advantage of a library of ready-made consent pop-up translations in 44 languages.
  • Use features unavailable in Piwik PRO Consent Manager. They include cookie autoblocking, monitoring of cookie lifespan requirements, unclassified cookies, and non-EU/EEA data transfers.
  • Be compatible with WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards and IAB / TCF 2.2 framework.
Cookie Informarion CMP
Cookie Information product interface

The summary

Integrating Piwik PRO Analytics Suite and Cookie Information Consent Management Platform just got much easier. Both platforms now work in greater sync, bringing more value to clients by offering compliant data collection, analytics, and activation in one package. We’ll keep you posted on updates to our shared product roadmap.

If you’d like to learn more about the capabilities of our platforms, be sure to contact us. We’ll be happy to fill you in.


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