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Valuable data collection in a privacy-first world – the experts’ take on marketing technology for 2023


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Published January 20, 2023

Valuable data collection in a privacy-first world – the experts’ take on marketing technology for 2023

As a part of Piwik PRO’s forecast discussions, we spoke with our experts about the predicted trends for marketing technology in 2023. 

In recent years, more and more regulatory changes have shaped how marketing works. With laws such as GDPR, HIPAA, new decisions issued by European data protection authorities (DPA) and other privacy-related institutions, marketers need to pay great attention to how they collect data. 

Depreciation of third-party cookies, multiple controversies around Google Analytics, and the increasing popularity of ad blockers and first-party data – this is the “new normal” that calls for a specific marketing stack. 

What are the trends in marketing tools for this year? 

We’ve asked our experts:

In search for the best Google Analytics alternative 

Last year, Google happened to be at the center of the legal storm. There were many reasons for it – the Schrems II ruling, the EU-US personal data transfers, and various DPAs’ rulings, as well as the sunsetting of Universal Analytics and some criticism of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) performance.

Adapting to these new legal circumstances took a lot of work. “Stress for clients and users, lots of questions and uncertainties – nothing was clear at the beginning,” says Vadim. “We had to adapt because without gathering customer consent, we could even lose up to 65% of the traffic,” adds Piotr. 

The concerns around Google Analytics 4 have opened a window of opportunity for other analytics platforms to shine. However, looking for the best alternative is not an easy task.

“Change is never easy, and since alternatives offer completely different data models and reporting, not only marketing has to adapt, but also management. But we must remember that GA4 is not the right choice for everyone,” says Piotr. 

“The question is – can I trust the data in my web analytics platform? I can’t find a tool that measures everything, but there are alternatives that can be trusted,” adds Philipp.

Customer data platforms – a crucial element of modern marketing stack

As third-party cookies are practically dead, marketers need to come up with other ways to collect data about visitors and clients. That’s why there is a rise in the popularity of customer data platforms (CDP). But what should a good CDP offer?

“A good CDP is the one you’ll know how to use,” says Piotr. “You want to be connected with as many sources as possible, but you need to know how to activate your data – otherwise, you only have a tool without bigger value.”

Vadim thinks that the real-time feature is the most important. “CDP should be able to respond in real time. It should give you the data really fast, so it would help optimize your website, as much as its content.”

“CDP enables you to personalize relationships with established and new customers,” adds Philipp. “It’s always about customer experience first and then about the brand.”

Learn more about the updated Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform: We’re reinventing our Customer Data Platform

Collecting data in the privacy-oriented environment

What really matters in privacy-friendly data collection is the value of the gathered information. “If you want your data to be valuable, it has to be enriched with other sources,” thinks Philipp. “The better feedback from customers you get, the better services and data quality you can offer.”

“You need to change your mindset – consider each browser and its limitations, and think about how you collect the data. The impact of this legal perspective is really impressive, so we need to adapt ourselves to the new way of analytics,” adds Vadim. 

The key to successful data collection is to focus on the customer. According to Piotr, “you can’t think that much about the marketing stack. Think about the customer journey and its important touchpoints, then come up with the plan and choose the right ecosystem.”

“Try to better understand customers and journeys by owning your data, then think about what to share with which advertising platforms,” adds Philipp. “Take privacy matters seriously.”

Marketing forecast for 2023: skills, technology & privacy

We hope this summary gives you an overview of the most important trends in marketing technology for 2023. To learn more about our experts’ take on this year’s trends, sign up for the whole series of on-demand video talks about essential marketing skills, regulatory changes, and key technologies.

Video talks
Video talks

Marketing forecast for 2023: skills, technology & privacy


Vadim Baele

Head of Digital Analytics and CRO at Customer Collective

Vadim is a passionate digital analytics professional with a solid technical background in web development. He worked multiple years on full implementations, from business requirements to dashboards and reporting, mainly on Adobe and Google stacks. He has recently started moving numerous accounts onto the Piwik PRO platform. Vadim is also interested in CRO, CDPs, and the impact of GDPR on data collection. He co-founded B-New Digital together with Laurens Aertssen before being acquired by Customer Collective.

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Philipp Loringhoven

Freelancer for Marketing Analytics and Strategy

Philipp Loringhoven has spent the last 15 years at the junction of marketing, data and tech. He wants to make advertising effective again through and with data, and marketing analytics. He has managed international marketing teams for startups and grown-ups and now works as a freelancer, enabling companies to use their data to optimize marketing and find the ideal marketing strategy.

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Piotr Słonina

Head of Customer Experience at Piwik PRO

Customer experience expert with a strong background in online analytics. In his daily work at Piwik PRO, Piotr creates and optimizes customer service processes and structures for scalability. He helps organizations get the most out of their analytics and makes sure that all their business needs are taken into account.

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Natalia Chronowska

Content Marketer

A content writer with a flair for tech-related topics. Likes to make a specialized language more understandable for the readers.

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